This Dog Was Pretty Mad About The Witcher 3's Visual Downgrade

It isn't just humans who are upset that development for consoles might have caused The Witcher 3 to lose some visual lustre.

This Dog Was Pretty Mad About The Witcher 3's Visual Downgrade

via reddit user InfernalH


    One picture, one sentence, one tag. What was the point? This is a twitter post, not journalism.

    Anyway, ugh, what a waste of a copy. Good old middle class.

      Yeah, I actually was rather curious to read something describing the visual issues.

    A staged photo of a spoiled tantrum. Oh society, I hope you never change.

    Wait no, the other one. Please change, urgently.

    It didn't take long for todays 'guest editor' to run out of words and resort to reposting random pictures.

      If I was Patricia, I'd be pissed that someone took over my role.

        Careful, you might get downvoted to oblivion with all of the Patricia lovers here!

          Just like the Luke Lovers

            Come now, I feel Luke's stories have gotten quite better personally, certainly better than a couple of years ago.
            ... of course it could just be me...


    I concur. I'm glad you pointed this out.

    well I do picture anyone who is still harping on about the downgrade (either in jest or for real), in light how truly amazing this game is, as rabid beasts, so this picture makes sense and how I picture them all (just not as cute)

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    Oh no. Witcher 3 might have lost some visuals... even though it still looks pretty gosh damn amazing.

    Honestly, the only loser here is the person who bought and destroyed the game.

    What is even more sad is that the "issue" with graphics downgrade is on the PC version yet the picture is of the XBONE.... Hmmm... very slow news day...

    Really didn't want to click on this waste of space article.
    Curiosity for Patricia/Luke/somethingsomethingJournalism comments in search of laughs got the better of me :( The dog IS rather adorable though.

      It's just not Kotaku without the obligatory bashing of a long time institution.

      Last edited 26/05/15 2:59 pm

    I'm happy with the X1 visuals, even though I could have bought it for pc.

    Waaaaface gonna waaaaface.

    Last edited 26/05/15 2:36 pm

    I just want to take a moment to point out that this was posted over on /r/pcmasterrace as "Master Race Husky".

    The obvious implication being that the dog has destroyed the Xbone version of this game simply for being, well, the Xbone version. It literally has nothing to do with the graphical downgrade.

    Way to take it out of context to try and add fuel to the fire of this graphical downgrade controversy.

    edit: just noticed link in OP...Comment still valid

    Last edited 26/05/15 2:49 pm

      I know, really terrible of kotaku to say the dog was angry about the downgrade when it's clearly just disapointed that the owner bought the inferior console version.

    Whinge more about graphical "downgrade". RED had their say and I honestly believe they care a lot more for their customers opinion than companies, eg. Ubisoft. Got the Ps4 version for ease of use, could of picked up a PC copy no problems. Game is great and looks amazing, even compared to all the trailers release before the game came out.

    I'm sure we can all at least agree, that's one cute doggie...

    Can't we have a spirited discussion as to whether it's a malamute or a husky? It's obviously a husky.

      Or about how the name xbone is jumping species with hilarious results as seen by the actual bone the dog has provided as a replacement.

    Kotaku sure is going downhill

      That or many Kotaku readers are goldfish.

        Lets be fair these small crappy articles gather a lot more comments and views then full length articles.

      Kotaku's been on a downhill slope for a loooooong time.

    Let me also add my outrage at Kotaku for posting a whimsical game-related picture and not providing a 14,000 word essay as to why it's funny to constitute "journalism".

    I mean, sure, I could have just not clicked on the article, but then I'd have to hand back my Pretentious Wanker badge and card. Next time, please make sure your articles pass the approval of all of the above, because this website is for us and us alone.

      How would anyone have known the article wasn't long enough to be worth clicking on before they clicked on it? That's something you only find out afterwards. It seems like you didn't think this little sarcasm diarrhoea of yours through before you posted.

    Fact: potatoes Grow in the ground. Well i have added better value then this article. I guess i am now journalist fit for kotaku.

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