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A big week this week, with possibly the biggest entries being Splatoon and Magicka 2. Several of the games below are in Steam's "Upcoming" section, which is sometimes reliable. Unreliably reliable? Sure, let's go with that.

But let's be honest, we're all still playing The Witcher 3, right? If not, you should be.

Splatoon (WiiU)

What is it? Shoot your colour of paint at players or surfaces. Should you care? Seems like a fun little game with friends, and much better than having your kids actually paint the walls.

Looney Tunes Galactic Sports (Vita)

What is it? Sprinting with Wile E. Coyote, Boxing with Buggs, and more. Should you care? Hard to find info on this game. Might want to try before you buy.

Act of Aggression (PC)

What is it? Looks like a standard slow-paced RTS with a bit of a C&C Generals feel. Should you care? RTS is one of those that needs to be done right or it can't compete. But there's not many coming out these days. Grey Goo is the last that I remember.

Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition (PC)

What is it? EB Games will be selling FSX on Steam. Should you care? If you're a flight sim boss nerd, you already know all about this.

Fossil Fighters Frontier (3DS)

What is it? Revive dinosaurs from their fossils so they can fight for you. Should you care? It's like Pokemon, but limiting itself to dinosaurs only. Hmm.

Visibility (PC)

What is it? Place a limited number of lights to see the platforming level. Should you care? If you're the type to take a chance on an indie with zero reviews.

Fine Sweeper (PC)

What is it? Minesweeper brought into the world of leaderboards and achievements. Should you care? There doesn't seem to be anything revolutionary here. I'm gunna go with no.

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion (PC)

What is it? A mystery to be solved by clicking in all the right places. Should you care? I'm not sure these "puzzles" are actually puzzles, and for a mystery, the incorrect grammar in its one sentence synopsis isn't promising.

60 Seconds! (PC)

What is it? Collect supplies for your nuclear bunker, then pass the time after the apocalypse. Should you care? Hard to say — this game looks all about the comedy.

Heroes of Loot (PC)

What is it? Half dungeon crawler, half twin-stick schmup. Should you care? Its feature of learning from you and adapting seems interesting.

Magnetic: Cage Closed (PC)

What is it? Use your gravity gun to manipulate objects and solve puzzles. Should you care? This one will ultimately come down to the quality of puzzles, but it has a decent look, and feels Portal-ish.

Akiba: Undead & Undressed (PC)

What is it? Fight vampires by undressing them and exposing them to the sun. Should you care? Nah.

Magicka 2 (PC/PS4)

What is it? Combine elements to cast many different spells in a co-op ARPG adventure. Should you care? The first one was fun and hilarious, though a bit broken. There's not much talk about new features in this one, other than a challenge mode, but at least it should be more polished.

Anything I forgot? Put it in the comments below!


    Ultra Street Fighter IV is out on PS4 this week, though personally I'm going to get Guilty Gear Xrd sign next week. Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed also gets a digital release this week.

      I had to order my copy of "Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed" via OzGameShop since no retailer wants to stock it... :(

      Did Guilty Gear Xrd get an Aussie release finally? Or are you importing

    A big week for small PC games. Console publishers are (rightly) not releasing anything after The Witcher 3's come out

    Splatoon is definitely on my wanted list, sadly I ordered it online and with its weekend release date I prob won't see it til the following Monday/Tuesday.

    Last edited 25/05/15 10:16 am

    Seeing Fossil Fighters Frontier makes me weep that we're not going to be getting Digimon Re:Digitize Decode and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

    The Bone Buggy makes me want to play Digimon World 2 again though.

    Does Splatoon have any single player modes?

      Yes, it's a platformer.

      Last edited 25/05/15 10:54 am

      Yes, it has a very decent single player component which blends splatoon skills with Mario galaxy structure, boss fights and all.

      Last edited 25/05/15 11:00 am

    ...ignore I failed at replying properly.

    Last edited 25/05/15 10:53 am

    Akiba's Trip 2 is probably one of the strongest games in the list. Having played the PS4 version it's fun and silly, and gives a good impression of spending time in a good recreation of Akihibara, with enjoyable characters and RPG elements.

    I would totally be playing The Witcher 3 if I wasn't still working my way through a deluge of assignments. Perhaps I'll pick it up on Friday.

    I'm really interested in Splatoon, but I had an absurdly limited bandwidth right now so I can't really justify getting it. The single player modes sound fun, but I still want to hold off getting it for the time being.

    Magicka 2 will no doubt be a wonderful experience filled with comedic carnage. The original Magicka was a great way to mess around with friends, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the sequel improves upon that formula. Although again, I've got a severely limited bandwidth problem at the moment, so I'm going to have to wait before I can actually start playing it.

    Last edited 25/05/15 12:00 pm

    I'll have to wait for Splatoon. Instead I'll keep playing Bioshock Infinite, because I am perpetually trapped in 2013, apparently.

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