This Week In Games: Games You Didn't Know You Need To Play

On the surface of things this week seems like a fairly weak one for video games, but there are so many cool games releasing on Steam this week it's not funny.

Take Inside My Radio, where you play as an LED trapped inside of Boombox, or Dark Echo, a game that attempts to visualise sound. Or Toren, where you play as a baby that eventually become a badass woman destroying monsters. Or Invisible, Inc from the creators of Mark of the Ninja. There are so many awesome games flying under the radar this week. So many.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS)

What is it? It's a turn-based strategy game. Finally coming to Australia. Should you care? It reviewed fairly well. Not brilliant. Solid.

Dark Echo (PC)

What is it? You are trapped in darkness and need to use sound to travel. A unique, gorgeous little puzzle game. Should you care? Apparently this is a bit of a must play.

Home is Where One Starts... Tste(PC)

What is it? A game that describes itself as being a little like Dear Esther or Gone Home. Should you care? Seems a little bit derivative.

Inside My Radio (PC)

What is it? You are a green LED trapped inside a beatbox and you must move TO THE RHYTHM. Should you care? A platform game that looks really unique and phenomenal. I'm keen.

Invisible, Inc. (PC)

What is it? From the creators of Mark of the Ninja. Damn, that's all you had to say! Should you care? Yeah you should care. This looks really cool..


What is it? Finding it difficult to describe this. Sort of like a top down scrolling shooter thing with a heart. Just watch the trailer. It looks great. Should you care? There are a lot of gorgeous looking indie games on Steam this week. This is one of them. Check it out.

Omega Quintet (PS4)

What is it? It's a cross between an 'Idol Simulator' and an RPG. In other words, the most Japanese game ever conceived. Should you care? This is fairly niche. For 'fans of the genre' whatever that means!

Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? Shadow of Mordor gets a game of the year edition. I never really got into this for some reason. Should you care? This game is good. Really good in fact.

Spoko and Poko (PC)

What is it? It's almost like an Arkanoid clone with bells on. Looks quite cool. Should you care? Sure, why not. Worth checking out at least.

Toren (PC)

What is it? Man this game looks pretty. Play as baby, who becomes a girl, who becomes a woman with a sword beating bad guys down. Should you care? This looks really cool.

Tropico 5 (PS4)

What is it? It's that strategy game everyone loves that was only on PC until now. Should you care? Not sure how this is gonna play on PS4, but why not give it a go. It's a great series.

Virtual Pool 4 (PC)

What is it? Man, this takes me back. It's a pool game! But it also has Snooker and whatnot. Should you care? Obviously this is niche as all hell, but it does a fantastic job of doing what it's supposed to do.

Picking anything up this week? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.


    Toren has piqued my interest.

    Other than that, it's just another week of waiting for The Witcher 3.

    The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD re-rerelease on PS4 is out this week too.

      Yeeaah, those aren't games you need to play. All you need to do is look up the laughing scene.

        Gets me every time. That is some bona fide edge-of-insanity laughter right there.

          They are fighting an beast which keeps coming back every time anyone kills it. Yuna marches to her own death knowing it means nothing but a few short years of peace for people who don't really give a shit about her. Laughing in the face of death is an admirable trait, when you can do nothing about it.

          Tidus, though, is an idiot.

      EB Games just called and advised me it has broken street date so going to pick up shortly!

    Godddd Invisible, Inc. looks so cool. AND it's coming to PS4 sometime, so I'll actually get to play it!

      Why not play it on PC? It's not exactly a demanding game specs wise (makes up for how demanding it can be brain wise) and also looks like it's not just a windows game

        I prefer playing on my big tv on my comfortable sofa, rather than on my iMac - it's also too old to support big picture mode or HDMI output.

    Not A Hero also hits Steam this week apparently - Roll7's (OlliOlli) new game...

    It's kind of a side-scrolling Hotline Miami, just with less drugs and more absurdity. It, like Insivible Inc., will be getting a PS4 release at some point. Looks great!

    Invisible Inc is a fantastic game who's artstyle and presentation just put it over the edge. If you like stealth games, this is for you. If you like difficult games, this is for you. If you like procedurally generated games which play differently each time, this is for you.
    Get this game immediately if one or more of these apply :D

    Does anybody else already have a huge back catalog from this year? I have the Telltale games to catch up on, GTAV on PC, got Kirby and the Rainbow curse yesterday on top of everything from last year!

      Yeh man Defo, got:
      Dying light, State of Decay, Zombie Army Trilogy, Sniper Elite 3: Utimate
      and a few from last year:
      HALO: MCC, Sleeping Dogs
      Lots to do, thankfully I just got 100% on GTA V singleplayer

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