This Week In Games: The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3. Friends. It is almost here. I CAN TASTE IT.

I can't literally taste it. I'm excited. That's what I'm trying to communicate here.

D Series OFF ROAD Racing Simulation (PC)

What is it? It's a racing game about cars racing off road. Should you care? It looks a bit mince.

Epanalepsis (PC)

What is it? This looks interesting. Steam description: "a narrative-focused point and click adventure game that tells a story about those connections across sixty years and beyond that pays equal homage to New Wave science fiction, cyberpunk dystopian stories, and the art cinema of the early 1990s". Should you care? Worth investigating for sure.

Gran Vitreous (PC)

What is it? It's like a 'shmup' crossed with an RPG, in that picking up loot is a big deal. Should you care? Looks alright I suppose.

Interloper (PC)

What is it? A unique looking RTS that seems pretty awesome by most accounts. Should you care? Yeah, particularly if you like the genre and want something unique.


What is it? A super cute looking puzzler. Should you care? I like the look of this. Check it out.

Technobabylon (PC)

What is it? A point and click adventure game with a very Lucasarts look. Should you care? Man, a lot of these this week. I'd check the Steam link, see if it piques your interest.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? Um. Okay. It's that game. That glorious sexy game. Should you care? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Did we miss anything? What are you planning to pick up? Let us know in the comments below.


    You forgot farming simulator, every week mark

      is farming simulator actually good? I like sim games would I like farming simulator?

        My therapist really enjoys them...
        Makes therapy easier when we can interject gaming talk in between "I hate myself" :)

        It's a niche game so it's not for everyone but if you get into it they really addictive

    I believe episode 3 of Life is Strange is out tomorrow as well.
    And the new Destiny DLC.

    House of Wolves!

      So torn between House Of Wolves and The Witcher. I started playing Destiny again yesterday after a long break and nothing's changed, the gameplay's just as good as it always was. What started as a sure thing has now turned into a messy love triangle. The new game, or the old flame...

        Witcher 3 no discussions, you said it yourself destiny hasn't changed after a long break, that's not a good thing that's a bad thing. sure this new expansion might shake things up a little but its not going to compare to witcher 3

        Last edited 18/05/15 4:55 pm

          I guess I should say the way I feel hasn't changed. Quite a bit has changed about the game to make annoying things much easier, vault management especially. And the issue is that Destiny's expansion is time sensitive. The friends I have playing will be playing all the best parts as soon as they can. The feeling and excitement of finishing even the first section of the first expansion's raid with my friends was one of the best moments in video games I've had. Even if that expansion was a disappointment.

          The Witcher 3 on the other hand, is single player, and can be played at any time with the same result. I have been looking forward to it for a long time though and a JB voucher means it'll only be $49. I guess i'll just do both, swap between them.

            Exactly. Have the time limited moment with your friends but get on the Witcher 3 amazing conversation while it is current.
            Witcher is one of those now rare experiences where you want to part of the conversation. It is a shame though it is a rare experience...

    Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed is also out this week. It's a Musou (Dynasty Warriors etc.) style brawler set in the Neptunia universe and most people are liking it.

      FINALLY!!! This awesome - been waiting for this!

      Vita, right? (Although I think there are plans for a PS4 port)

      Now the problem will be 1) Who will stock it? 2) Who will stock it for under $55?

        I think you'll be very lucky to get it under $55, although if you go through ozgameshop you can get (a) free delivery and (b) player points worth $1.10, which brings the 'price' down to $53.89.

        As for physical stock in Australia, I think you won't find it at any non-boutique store. Neither JB nor EB have it listed for pre-order.

    Technobabylon is from Wadjet, so that makes it worth checking out on the basis of pedigree alone.

      Can confirm, they tell some amazing stories with such a simple interface. My addiction started with The Shivah and from there I've become obsessed with the Blackwell series. I really need to finish Deception so I can buy Epiphany and move onto the other half-dozen games I've bought/wishlisted.

      I guess I can add Technobabylon to the list too.

    I'm going away this weekend so will leave the Witcher 3 until next week at least, but it shall be mine.

    Make no mistake, my pretty... you will be mine *strokes imaginary game*.

    maybe this isn't the place to say it, but I want a new Mario is Missing game, but I want this one to star Peach and Daisy in a JRPG done to the style of the old black and white private eye movies.

      Depending on the platform, I'd play that.

        Atari Lynx.

          Well, anything that isn't a handheld really. So I guess the Lynx is out! I think it's a handheld and cbf googling it.

          Last edited 19/05/15 2:55 pm

    Well I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next month

    Preordered so hard. I set my location to Ukraine in Hola and bought it off GOG for $15. :)

      Do you also dress up like a homeless person so you can get free meals from soup vans?

        No, but I might tell them I'm from Ukraine.

    Pre-ordered Witcher 3 when it was made available on Steam, pre-loaded as soon as it came up, so damn ready for Wednesday!

    Anyone know if witcher 3 has broken street date anywhere? The wait til tomorrow is too much for me

    Witcher, Witcher, Witcher, Witcher, Witcher!

    sitting here having a massively stressful day at work just day dreaming EB is going to call me to say I can pick up the Witcher, dont look at me like that, one MUST hold on to hope, especially on a Monday.

      Mondays are so awful that even the Witcher gets released on a Tuesday.

    I've had The Witcher 3 for a couple of days now and man is that game continually intimidating. It's definitely been worth the wait.


        JB broke street date in Canberra last Wednesday

        EDIT: at least their shipping dept did, my pre-order was posted out on Wednesday, arrived Thursday.

        Last edited 18/05/15 2:27 pm

          :'( why has no one else followed suit!

          Edit: i believe this happened last time when i was waiting for a game and you got it early that time too :( haha

          Last edited 18/05/15 2:43 pm

            hahaha what game was that? I do tend to pre-order most things as I've found Canberra is in a weird postal zone where things arrive much faster than EB or JB intend.

              Probably would have been bloodborne ?

                Yep haha

                  I want to downvote you for this :P!

                  but that'd be mean haha

    Hehe, @markserrels should have done:

    The Witcher 3 (PC)

    Buy it.

    The Witcher 3 (Xbox One)

    Seriously, buy it.

    The Witcher 3 (PS4)

    Just buy the damn thing already.

    And ommitted all other games this week. :P

    Hurry up, Splatoon. Geez.

      lol. That game looks like a gem that will be ignored and as a result be super expensive second hand one day.

    Goodbye wife, goodbye life. Hello Geralt of Rivia.

    I've taken 2 days holiday Wednesday and Thursday just for the Witcher3


    Sorry, a little bit unsure from the comments. Am I supposed to buy The Witcher?

    He said "witcher 3" 3 times in the subject line... Did it appear in front of anyone magically?

    Witcher 3 confirmed!

    Couldn't resist. I can't wait until I have something powerful enough to play it.

    Super Excited!

    (/^. ^)/ BRING IT ON \(^. ^\)

    From what I've seen so far it looks spectacular!

    Old school RPG meets next gen meets modern day.

    Thankyou CD Projekt Red for keeping the joy of the RPG alive!

    Enjoy one & all! Christmas has come early!

    OH! Just thought, I would friggin love it if it started to rain while playing Gwent inside a tavern. It would boost the Tavern atmosphere of comfort/abode through the roof!

    Every hour now is an hour closer, we are nearly there people!

    Had a day booked off for The Witcher 3 this week but now my wife is going back to New Zealand for the weekend I pretty much won't leave the apartment amuses me that she thinks she is having the holiday muahaha.

    So mad I'm unlikely to get my copy of Witcher 3 tomorrow because Ozgameshop's postage times are shithouse.


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