Next Assassin's Creed To Be Announced Next Week; Now Called Syndicate

Next Assassin's Creed To Be Announced Next Week; Now Called Syndicate

Ubisoft will officially announce the next Assassin's Creed on Tuesday, May 12, the publisher said today.

If you read Kotaku, you already know a lot about it: this year's AC game is set in Victorian London and, if early footage is anything to go by, will let you use a grappling hook and fight on carriages, among other new features.

Incidentally, I'd heard from a source a couple weeks ago that Ubisoft planned to announce the game during a pre-recorded stream on May 12, but hadn't corroborated it. I also heard from the same source that the game is no longer called Victory and in fact will be called Assassin's Creed Syndicate. We'll find out for sure next week.


    I enjoyed Ass Creed IV, but they seriously need to give this franchise a break. Just stop with the annual releases already. Bring back Prince Of Persia, or release a new IP, just give this a break.

      Why would they? It still sells like the dickens every year and they exist mainly to make a profit so they'll keep pumping them out until we stop buying them.

        That's what I'm trying to say, they might make some quick cash now, but at the expense of killing the franchise, it's only a matter of time before everyone's sick of it.

        I would rather have a game every 3-5 years than 1 (or even 2 like they did last year) games every year.

        Always leave them wanting more.

          Indeed. Watchdogs 2 was expected to hit a year after 1, thankfully they're taking a little while (it just leaked they're actually making it, but cmon we knew). They could, hell, go on a cycle with it, a 3 yearly cycle:

          Watchdogs 2, AC (#?), Farcry 5, Watchdogs 3, AC (#?), Farcry 6, Watchdogs 4, AC (#?), Farcry 7

          With three year gaps, I'm actually certain not many people would be opposed. It's this stinking yearly release schedule :\

          From a business perspective would you rather make $10 million every 3 - 5 years or $6 million every year?

          3-5 years is great for the product and gamers but terrible for business. Why not milk it until it's dry then move onto something else and repeat?

            I see your point and I understand how it makes sense from a business perspective. But not every company does it. Look at Rockstar, GTA V released something like 5 years after the previous game and it sold through the roof.

            BUt this is when we need to speak with our wallets and not buy from the companies that support this business model, and support the companies that don't.

              But that's not how a business could. see it. The financial team will see it as a spent input/output source and there a higher chance of either having LESS money dedicated to it or even having that input/output source discontinued as a viable product.
              From a business and even a development purpose look at it this way:
              Our last game went down in a bad way, it barely sold but it was part of a series. We could a) put more effort in and hope it picks back up, b) drop product as an option for now and move onto a new option to come back later and try again or c) pull all financial input towards the subject and cut losses.

              Not defending their actions, that's just some food for thought from the flip side.

        I bought Unity... I've literally played 30 minutes of it. Seriously. When I started playing Black Flag, I couldn't stop. It captured me from the start, I couldn't put it down.

        When I started playing Unity, I dropped the controller after 30 minutes and never picked it up again, it lost me for good. I mean, I did get that giant collectors statue set from EB for 70 bucks on special, that's why, but still...

        Even the statue sucks :(

          I got 3 hours into Revelations before giving up, half that into III and loved IV. Skipped Unity and Rogue entirely and pretty sure I'm done. Got the statue editions for all of them.

          I'm part of the problem too :)

            I think I got 3-4 hours into Revelations but that was after be hating it after 2 hours then forcing myself to play for another 2 hours to be sure I really couldn't stand it before moving onto 3. I loved 3 though, Black Flag was really good... I still plan to play Rogue (if it's ever ported to Xbone) but I don't think there's anything that will get me to change my mind about skipping Unity.

              You made the right choice skipping Unity. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

                I'm curious as to why you didn't enjoy unity?

                  After LOVING AC4, Unity was just shocking. I played the whole way through totally unimpressed. Maybe i just like being a pirate. I think the whole assassins creed game style perfectly suits a pirate themed game. They found their market and should stay with it. Obviously this is just my opinion.

          I bought all the AC titles religiously every year. Loved I, II, and Brotherhood, Revelations I stopped playing after probably 4 or 5 hours, III I bought but haven't even touched, IV I absolutely loved, and just completely skipped Unity and Rogue. Like @freezespreston I don't think I can be bothered with the series anymore.

            Oh I implore you to play Black Flag, it's.... just really goddamn good. But skip Unity. Skip it entirely.

              Like I said, I played and loved IV.

                I just got Rogue on PC and it's basically Black Flag 2. I skipped Unity as it didn't interest me, but Rogue is fantastic... I highly recommend it :)

                Whoops totally misread it!

                Play it again then! :P lol

          I got the same box, the same special.

          I made it about an hour, though. I had JUST finished playing 4 (for the second time) and was keen for more. But without a pirate ship and with Arno not being as appealing as Edward... it was doomed.

          Weird isn't it.
          I have played all the AC games in and out, Black Flag was an awesome return for the series when it dropped.
          Unity I have played it much longer, still haven't finished but I put it down a while ago and can't bring myself to go back while I have other things to play.
          It feels like a step back in terms of the series, even with a few new interesting features added.

      Totally agree. Or make it first person (ala Dying Light mechanics).

        I was talking to a mate while we played Dying Light that its mechanics would actually make for a fantastic AC game!

          Same here. A few times while playing it, especially in Old Town, I could totally see how it would translate to the AC universe.

          That would give the series a breath of fresh air.

      No ones forcing you to play. If you want a break from AC, take a break from AC.

    I tried playing the first one years ago, only to stop due to boredom. Then, after reading the reviews about how good Black Flag was, I gave it a go only to stop playing due to boredom as well. I don't know what it is about these games - too much "god mode"? The science fiction stuff never interested me either.

    Is it just me that thinks it odd that no-one in the pictured train station appears to notice someone swinging around in broad daylight from the rafters?

    I just want an Assassins Creed with samurai's in China

      But Samurai existed in Japan...

        Ahhhh yes Japan that's the one, my bad

          But then again with how historically accurate the games have been anyhow, fuck it, put Samurai in China lmao

          I would love that, there are so many periods in Japan's history that could easily introduce the conflict between Templars and Assassins.

          Obviously the Meiji Restoration would be perfect for that (Minus Tom Cruise)

        and I'm sure the view a lot of people have over them is incredibly wrong and will result in angry backlash if Ubisoft does them accurately.

        Well....there were a few invasions. (But it's a very touchy subject for many)


    New Assassin's Creed.

    In other news, scientists discover that water is, indeed, still wet. More at 7

      Hey, did you hear they're releasing a new Call of Duty this year!?

        NOWAI!?!? I hear Battlefield may end up getting some sort of sequel too... but its not like games companies to milk franchises...

    Wait... they're announcing the date for the announcement, for a game that's already been announced (even if it was a leak), for a franchise that's released annually?

    ...urgh. Like Call of Duty, I can't care about Assassins Creed anymore. I wish I did, I really really do. But yearly releases has just faituged me to the point that I can't get back into it. I haven't even finished all the DLC for previous games.

    I'm so glad they're trying something differ...oh I can't even.

    AC I was shit
    AC II was great (AC2.5 and 2.6 were solid too)
    AC III was shit
    AC IV was great
    AC V was shit
    AC VI will be …………..

    The greedy f*cks at Ubisoft basically release a new game every 2 years, and a beta in between.

    I’m not going to get excited or pay attention to the hype and under no circumstances should ANYBODY, EVER hand over money for an Ubisoft title pre-release…. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this game reviews well and I end up enjoying it.

    I stopped after AC 2, I picked up black flag though because it was $20 and had good reviews. I liked black flag but it was repetitive enough to make me think unity isn't worth it with all the bad reviews. Maybe I'm weird but I still think AC1 was the best in the series, 2 was slow and boring.

    Last edited 08/05/15 10:57 am

    Am currently catching up on AC after a few years break from gaming. So am right back into it, currently playing through blackflag and absolutely loving it. Has to be one of my favorite series these days, so am happy to hear another is on the cards. I just hope that they aren't just throwing out clones call of duty style, as that could quickly kill it for me.

    Fighting on carriages is nothing new is it? I think I remember being able to do that on some missions of Ezio's...or am I imagining things?

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    AC was one of my favorite franchises just a few years ago, but this is ridiculous. Now they're broken and rushed. It's sad, I wish the series was in better hands.

    Ubisoft is a terrible company.

    This series never lived up to its potential. Auto-pilot parkour, repetitive goals, an asinine story and now, from what I've heard, they've thrown in a billion monotonous side quests to pad out play time. If they had just stuck to the basics and tried made a really great game with the core concept of assassination, it might have turned out differently.

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