Ultra Street Fighter IV Is Kinda Broken On PS4

Ultra Street Fighter IV Is Kinda Broken on PS4

Bugs, glitches, lag. You name it, and people are reporting that Ultra Street Fighter IV's PS4 port has it.

Last year, Ultra Street Fighter IV was released in arcades as well as on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. This week, the PS4 port hit, and boy, does it appear to have problems.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Is Kinda Broken on PS4

[Photo via almakashi]

There are smaller issues, such as the main screen saying "Press Start" when, you know, the DualShock 4 doesn't actually have a Start Button.

Then, the game's interface seems to suffer from lag:

There are visual bugs and glitches:

Sound bugs. Ungh.

And add in reports that moves feel off and characters are even nerfed:

To make things even worse, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be played at the upcoming Evo 2015 in July.

This port needs a patch and quick.


    I'm just here to watch the world burn 8D

    Been playing it this arvo. No problems except for some lag in my first match. But there'll be a patch. There always is.

    Remember when games were properly tested, not rushed and released finished?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers...

      Not really. I've been around for most console generations and there were always problems like this. Atari though, that was a shining example of top notch and consistent quality. ^_-

      Don't blame the testers blame the Producers. I'm sure a lot of these bugs were found, however, getting the game on the shelves is more important, so they were overlooked.
      Lets not forget that capcom is deep in the shitter atm, Sony bailed them out recently after all.

    I love this game.
    Only problem for me is the internet connection. Too laggy. Even with the best connection, it's still laggy. It's most obvious when you are trying to do combo's to cancels to ultra combos. U just can't time it properly.

    Then when you play offline with a friend, you can easily hit those combos.

    The internet connection issue has been like this since day one.
    I hope they will fix this. I love this game to bits. I have every Street Fighter :)


    Why does guile have a British accent when he says Sonic Boowm.....haha ( emphasis on the Bew/Boo/ ).

    I'm confused by this, I haven't seen these issues at all. And I like that either through laziness or pig-headedness they've kept the "PRESS START", I feel is is a good commentary on the fact that START has been around longer than Xbox & Playstation combined, and it should be respected, not tossed away for OPTION.

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