Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Support PlayStation 3 Fight Sticks

Briefly: Sony is going to include the backwards compatibility drivers created by Skullgirls developer Lab Zero. The game launches next week, on 26 May.


    Ummm. You realise that's a pic of Street Fighter VS Tekken right?

    "The game launches next week, on 26 May."

    It launches for the PS4. It has been out for quite some time now.

      Considering the article was specifically about the PS3 fight sticks, one would assume it's talking about the PS4 version even if it didn't explicitly say so.

        When a games "journalist" can't even bother with the correct game used for a screen shot, it's best not to assume anything.

    Next time please include a source link, so we can make sense of your poorly written post.

    Street Fighter IV launching next week?
    SFV or SFIV?
    I'm confused really
    I'm gonna buy SFV on day one as always.
    I'm a hardcore SF fan.
    Thanks though!

    thats nice of them, now how about adding support for the $500 racing wheel that I bought for my ps3 that isn't compatible with the ps4

    I just checked the psn store and ultra sf4 for ps4 is not available. I did a bit more of research and it turms out usa and europe getting it on the 26th. I assumed we were apart of the europe release date but perhaps we might not be getting this game at all? Any one have info on this and when can we download it?

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