Underrated RTS Classic Gets Surprise Sequel

Underrated RTS Classic Gets Surprise Sequel

Did you ever play the Cossacks series? It's a pity if you said "no", because they were some of the finest old-school military RTS games around. Think Age of Empires, only a bit smarter, and a bit fancier, with muskets and feathered caps instead of triremes and wololos.

The first Cossacks was released in 2001, with a sequel coming out in 2005. That's normally enough time between battles to leave a series dead and buried (especially given how "antique" Cossacks' gameplay has become), but developers GSC Game World have today announced a surprise sequel anyway.

Underrated RTS Classic Gets Surprise Sequel

They're calling Cossacks 3 a "modern remake" of classic RTS gameplay, down to old-school resource gathering and unit production. Only this time there'll be up to 12,000 units on-screen at any one time.

It's due out on PC at the end of the year.

Underrated RTS Classic Gets Surprise Sequel


    This sounds awesome, need a good oldschool RTS!

    These days I don't get that hyped about the vidya but I will make an exception.

    This makes me very happy :D
    loved the epic scale of battles in cossacks... even if my friends didnt (waaah im not ready, blarg dead)

    Ah the Cossacks! So many nice memories from LAN parties with good friends!

    Sigh, I wish they made a sequel to AoE2... I refuse to acknowledge that piece of crap Aoe3...

    Also would love if somehow WB or whoever now has the Lotr license made Bfme3... not sure if EA is preventing that somewhat, wouldn't be surprised... Fml

    I really miss old school RTS. Starcraft doesn't do it for me. I'd like some more Command and Conquer. This will have to do I suppose. >_>

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