Use Your Actual, Real Life Phone In Grand Theft Auto V

I'm actually surprised Rockstar didn't do this themselves.

It's a mod that allows players to control the in-game GTA V mobile phone using your actual real life mobile phone. Genius.

I'm not really sure I'd use it all that much, it's the kind of thing that looks and sounds cool, but might not be too functional in the grand scheme of things. Can't imagine myself wanting to take my hands off the controller in the heat of the moment.

But yeah, this is cool.


    Yeah, I was suprised when the XBOX One version didn't do this with Smartglass. I figured even if Rockstar weren't interested Microsoft would have paid them to do it.
    Dead Rising 3 had the option, but it was sort of like the Tingle Tuner in Wind Waker where it's 100% optional so there's no in-game alternative control scheme. It also had a lot of problems even though it was a relatively simple concept.

      This isn't meant to sound stupid, or assholish, but have they actually used Smartglass for anything useful in a game yet? Im just not sure. Saw it a little for the 360 but it wasnt really implemented much there? Just curious.

        Smartglass is a fantastic remote control for the XBOX One once you turn on the HDMI options. It also makes entering text using the on screen keyboard way easier. The app itself is really good for like a pocket sized and/or desktop XBOX Live portal. They've been putting in a lot of work keeping it up to date and the XBOX One version comes in handy.
        Overall I'd say Smartglass is really under-rated, however even Microsoft seem to have given up on using it for companion apps. Assassin's Creed and Dead Rising 3 used it at launch, and in Dead Rising 3 it was sort of cool, but it didn't really work well. I honestly think they've squashed it on purpose because it's embarrassingly clumsy. I can only speak for Dead Rising 3 and Fable Anniversary but it was like a simple website being loaded on a slow/unstable connection.

          Ta for that, lots of great info and clarified it for me beautifully. :)

        The App for Destiny has evolved into a picture of how Smartglass should work. You can post on the forums to find a raid team and then move gear between characters. It feels pretty awesome.

        I use it mainly for replying to messages lol so much easier then typing on the console
        Tried using it for Ryse and it was, and still is a broken mess. Frustrating when the loading screen keeps telling me to use to find the collectibles.
        Lots of potential though, but I think a lot of the stand alone companion apps make it a bit obsolete. Still good for checking achiemvents, messages, friends list, etc

    That would be pretty cool if you received in-game phone calls on your actual phone, but it'd be even better if you could use it as an easy messaging system online, rather than trying to navigate an on screen keyboard with a controller. Then, whenever I do the post van heist setup, I can ask my navigator WHY ARE YOU NOT USING THE TRACKIFY APP AND GIVING ME DIRECTIONS.

    I've been expecting this from rockstar for a while, just seems like such an obvious companion app

    A neat little gimmick as far as I can tell.

    It just looks like a much more complicated way to utilise the in game phone.

    Neat, but not necessary.

    So what does the iFruit app do?

      Custom number plates (although I think they're single player only) and you can apparently teach chop some tricks.

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