Watch The Best Move Of The Heroes Of The Dorm Competition

Blizzard recently held the Heroes of the Dorm competition, in which university students competed in Heroes of the Storm to have their tuition fees paid. You may have seen various American muscle heads complaining that it was on ESPN2. Here's the best move of the tournament.

This one's a little old, but I love it so much I've had it bookmarked since the competition.

Body blocking is a bit more of a thing in HOTS, and Diablo's Overpower move can get people in prime position to be body blocked. There are plenty of little laneways to be body blocked in, and being blocked within range of an enemy tower can be devastating. Plenty of opportunity for great moves.

But I hadn't seen anything like this move from Berkeley before:

Click here to watch it in a bigger form.

The move was clearly orchestrated for the start of the game, and is one of those "neener neener" plays with a dash of humiliation on top. Forming a complete quad-block around someone is not something you see every day, let alone in a pro match, but I guess Diablo is the one to initiate such a thing.

Rehgar is actually flash healed twice during that, but it doesn't matter. Could be have gotten away in his wolf form, had there been no full circle? Maybe. But probably not. But maybe.

I get excited about these things because I love seeing what cool new moves are available in growing eSports. It's not a wombo combo of team abilities, but those are a lot more common.

Well done Berkeley, well done.


    Its not that uncommon, sure it normally involves a couple fewer people using the chokes on the map, but its pretty much normal diablo game plan.

    Was a cool set up for the kill by Diablo but the tournament must have been quite boring if that's considered the best.

      There were some wombo combos, but on the whole the quality of play was less than if you were watching pro teams. I saw one steam stuff up their wombo twice in one match, with Diablo mistiming his Apocalypse with the void prison. But still enjoyable to watch the better teams. Berkeley was good.

        Ah might have to look into it then. I enjoy dota 2 tournaments over LoL something about LoL seems very underwhelming when you see teams land big combos whereas on dota the echo slams and ravage initiations are usually very enjoyable to witness. Havent watched HoTS pro plays yet

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