What A New X-Wing, Tie Fighter Could Look Like

What A New X-Wing, Tie Fighter Could Look Like

X-Wing Alliance, the last proper space sim set in the Star Wars universe, was released in 1999. The 20th century. The chances of us getting another one are approximately 3722 to 1. But that’s OK! We can always dream. And hope that this indie game actually gets made.

This is STAR FORCE. It’s a space shooter for the PC, built on Unreal Engine 4, that’s still very early in development. But already, I love it. Not just for how good it looks, but for the dance its creator, Vladimir Milosevic, is dancing to avoid a lawsuit.

This is a Star Wars spin-off project. Since we are never going to see (and play) remakes or sequels to the famous SW series of space simulations like Tie Fighter and X-Wing, I wanted to do my own version of them. My goal was to make it exactly as if you would play the SW (the original) movies. Very similar in lighting, style and general atmosphere. The game is set in universe similar to the SW as it is artistically inspired by it. This universe could be a sort of parallel SW universe if you will. So, ships, fighters, vehicles and sociopolitical setting could be similar as well…but not quite the same.

If you think things look a little bare, that’s because they are. Vladimir describes this as footage of a “pre-pre-pre-alpha testing WIP stage”, something he cooked up just to get a feel for the flight and the look of the lighting and effects.

It’s so far from being finished it’s ridiculous. He even had to fall back on actual sound effects and music from Star Wars. But still, taking that into account… watch this video and tell me it doesn’t get you excited, even just a little. Whether for this or just any kind of Star Wars space shooter that looks like it was actually made in the 21st century.

This is the part, now, where I start to dream. That unlike most other fan projects/mods/whatever of this ilk, Milosevic can actually stick with this and release something playable somewhere down the line.

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