What Are You Playing On Steam This Week?

What Are You Playing On Steam This Week?

Steam releases approximately one hundred million billion (give or take a zillion) games every week. So let's help each other out: tell me what you're playing on Steam this week and whether or not it's any good. Let's recommend games to each other.

Me, I've been splitting my time between Power Ranger strategy goof-'em-up Chroma Squad (which you can read more about here) and Killing Floor 2. Both are quite good, but I'm kinda getting bored of KF2. It's an Early Access game, and even though it's refreshingly polished by Early Access standards, it's not overflowing with that all important video game nougaty centre — that which we hunger for, mouths open and tongues aloft, quivering with a primordial hunger, our unmarred god: Content — so I'm starting to tire of it.

I really want to see what sort of maps we get once the mod community has some time to work its magic, but I think it's about time for a break. My trusty shotgun hammer has cracked thousands of Zed skulls, and the pinata candy of their skulls (hint: blood, it is blood) is all starting to run together — like, well, a lot of blood. That's not to dissuade people from playing! There's a lot of interesting team strategy to be found, even within the confines of a few levels and one boss enemy. But I think I'm gonna cut myself off so I can save some excitement for the more complete version of the game.

As for what I'm planning to replace it with, that's still up in the air. I might do a replay of The Witcher 2 before The Witcher 3 comes out, because I can't remember if Geralt slept with everyone or only most of everyone. Alternatively, I've been meaning to play Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines since approximately one immortal vampire lifetime ago, and well, it's now on my hard drive. I should probably do something about that. I've still kinda got a craving for something multiplayer, though. I'm not entirely sure what I'll play to sate that.

How about you? What Steam games have you been playing lately? Any surprising or interesting discoveries? Anything completely awful that we should all steer clear of? Speak below, and you will be heard (unless a Kinja glitch doesn't let me un-grey your comments because Kinja can be real dumb sometimes).


    Killer is dead, working my way through the Batman series and Assetto Corsa

    Trine 3. Multiplayer is uhh...very early access but the rest it's really fun. Giving more freedom with the movement makes platforming more enjoyable. Looks fantastic!

    and CS:GO. Making my way to Master Guardian!

      I finally got around to playing the Trine 2 goblins expansion. Was quite good although a little bit more reliant on abilities if you are trying to 100%

    Black Mesa, the countdown ends tonight and the Black Mesa Twitter have given Steam keys to YouTubers.

    I just started Valient hearts so I'll probably see if I can finish that one off.
    For the short little time wasters some waveform, marvel puzzle quest and perhaps some epic quest for mighty loot.

    If I get some time I might get back into darksiders 2

      Tigs! Make sure you update MPQ on your phone. New patch is out - and 3* leveling is really cheap.

      I got my Mystique from level 118 to 120 with only 1200 iso (it was 2000 iso a level before the patch!)

    Chroma Squad and DiRT Rally for me.
    Probably should go back and burn through Witcher 2 at some point as well ...

    GTA5 and I caved and bought Dirt: Rally. Glad I did as it's good - great physics, graphics and sound.
    Will be playing Project Cars later this week however!

    I will be trying desperately (and likely failing) to avoid playing Dungeon of the Endless.
    I made the mistake of buying the Amplitude Endless pack, and now I'm stuck in a helpless vortex of 'one-more-turn'-ness that Civ would be envious of! (seriously; most of my sessions go 'I might as well just finish this one floor and call it a night --where did that three hours just go?!' - god help me when I get around to playing Endless Legend and don't have the Rogue-like perma-death to force me to take a break! >.<)

    Got back into Dark Souls 1. I plan on finishing it this time so that i can get into Dark Souls 2.

    GTA5 of course, and off-Steam I'll be continuing my season 3 characters in Diablo 3.

    A lot of Planetside 2

    Some Killing Floor 2

    And replaying GTA 5 story again to pass some time before Witcher 3 comes out.

    GTA 5

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      Unsure what the issue is, author has stated this week not this weekend :P

    Pillars of Eternity.

    Like one week ago. And the previous week. And, for sure, the next week.

    Well on PC I'll be playing GTA V,

    On my iPad I'll be playing Hearthstone,

    And on my PS4 I'll be playing falling skies on Netflix (it's technically playing it, I press x to play)

    Oh and possibly Wolfenstein: The Old Blood if I decide to get it digital instead of waiting another week.

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    Sticking to good old Coalition Bunker 2
    Oh, and a little bit of EAGLE-EN

    (U get a cookie if you guess my spoofs) :P

    Alien isolation. Enjoying it in 30min hits. That's about all the time i have for gaming these days.

    State of decay (whatever the complete edition is called), its pretty good zombie fun.

    I'm stuck on (what seems to be) the last puzzle in Broken Age Act II, so I'll either have a stroke of genius and finish it or break my PC in frustration. After that probably a mix of Kerbal Space Program, Insurgency and the Stonehearth Alpha.

    I've just started playing the Old Blood.
    Think there's something wrong with the redraw on the graphics. When you turn around back and fourth you can see everything being drawn/shaded/rendered.
    Perhaps its my new GTX980 Ggiabyte card? Slow memory speed perhaps. Didn't happen on New Order.

    Steam: The Walking Dead ep3
    PS4: ACIV Black Flag

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