What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Call me crazy, but I think I might be close to being done with Bloodborne. Maybe it's time to move on?

I've loved the game, but New Game + hasn't quite been the same, I'm finding the whole thing a little frustrating and the way the ending was sprung on me has left a poor taste in my mouth. I might start a brand new build but I'm not too sure I'm interested in doing that either at this point.

We'll see.

I've been playing a lot of OlliOlli 2. I've moved from the PlayStation 4 to the PS Vita. It's also just occurred to me that I never really played enough of Ori and the Blind Forest. Maybe I'll get back into that.

Realistically though? I probably just end up playing Bloodborne.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I only have three more trophies in Bloodborne, but they all require me to grind out Chalice Dungeons. I'll think about it, but honestly, I'm not that enthused by that idea.

    On the other hand, I'm absolutely loving my replay of the Ace Attorney series. I think this might be one of those play-every-couple-of-years-for-the-rest-of-my-life games. They're brilliant.

      Oh man, Ace Attorney still has to be one of my favourites. How are you playing the earlier ones?

        It's soooooo good! I have all the DS cartridges except for the first one, so I bought the digital trilogy from the 3DS eshop (ended up being cheaper that way).

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          I totally did not know the trilogy was on the eShop. Better go dust off that 3DS (I only bought it for the new Ace Attorney and Virtue's Last Reward).
          Does the eShop version still have the function where you can yell "Objection" into the mic? <_< >_>

            Sorry, I play it on the bus, so I've never tested it.

            But according to this review, yes you can.

      why no enthused I'm having a great time in the chalice dungeons after getting bored in NG+

        I might just be a little burnt out on the game - I've played an awful lot of it recently. I'm sure I'm come back and polish it off.

      I'm at the same stage with Bloodborne, have to grind rare blood gems, beast claw and defeat the queen. It's not really that enticing.

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        I recently got my Collector's Edition Guide (so good!) so I'm about 50-55 hours into my first playthrough and still loving it. I did most of Yahar'gul Village last night with some summoned co-op guys (awesome guys!) and I think it is the toughest part of the game I've played so far. The boss was a little bit of an anti-climax.

        I've not done much chalice dungeon exploration. I did the first Pthumeru dungeon to level 3 but that's about it.

        I've been enjoying PVP a fair bit but haven't purposefully invaded anyone yet. I've just realised that I haven't applied bone ash to my bullets yet in PVP. For a build where bloodtinge is my highest stat, that might be a bit silly.

        Funny story, I was summoning help for Yahar'gul Village last night and was just about to go into a tough fight against some AI hunters. This dude showed up and I did the whole bowing thing and then went into the AI hunter fight. This dude starts attacking me instead of the hunters! I didn't realise that he was an invader! He was wearing this white outfit that looked kind of blue instead of red, which is why I didn't twig. Needless to say, I didn't last more than a couple of minutes after that :-)

          The best thing is when you're in a team with two others and you get invaded, I actually feel sorry for the invader when that happens :P

            I was in a team of three (I was a co-operator) last night in Central Yharnam. I spotted the invader running around and we waited for him in the small plaza behind the main gate where the minion is knocking on it. The invader came down the steps and stopped a medium distance away from me. He then proceeded to smack me with a Chikage transformation attack combo while I was bowing to him! Killed me, but as I faded out I saw the invader getting walloped by my comrades. Hopefully justice was served. Now I've attacked people without warning myself, but never when pausing for hunter greetings. That is pretty low. Oh well, it's the first one like that I've encountered in 80 odd hours of Bloodborne, so most people are pretty good I think.

      I have been suffering through (though now done) the Cursed Dungeon where you have half HP. I just need to get two Blood Jelly to get the last Chalice Ritual to get the Queen trophy. I regret committing tbh.
      Are you playing the Ace Attorney games on 3DS???


          I can't find a single store selling the Trilogy just the Prof Layton mish mash. Where the heck you get it?

            It's digital only (like, alas, all future Ace Attorney games are likely to be).

            Nintendo 3DS e-shop! Around $45 when not on sale.

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              $45! seems steep for a remake but then again it is 3 games. Ah I will wait for a sale. I'd pay $30 in a heartbeat.

                That's about what I paid, so it'll happen! Hopefully the sales won't pass you by.

                  Fingers crossed though to be honest I have never noticed a Nintendo online sale ever. They don't seem to know what "advertising" is...

                  @arkayn I recommend you subscribe to this page. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/nintendo.com.au The subscribe button is immediately above the "past deals" heading.

                  It'll keep you abreast of all Ninty sales as they come up.

    There's bound to be some Mario Kart in there somewhere, but nothing else planned.

    Mostly AdVenture Capitalist, with some Mario Kart 8 and Mario Party 10 thrown in. If I get a spare few hours at night I might see if I can finish off The Walking Dead Season 1 as well.

      That Damn Adventure capitalist. I keep opening the app to play it, only to see I haven't made enough money to purchase more stuff (at least not enough to make it worth it). But I can't stop!

    My entire Steam library now that I have a semi decent PC!

    Could barely play KOTOR on the lowest graphics setting before, and my new PC isn't exactly a beast, but at least I can play mass effect 3 all smooth like! Yay!

    I'm heading interstate to visit my niece over the weekend, so will be relegated to Hearthstone on my phone.

    I am ok with that.

    I think I'm finally gonna get up off my ass and finish my Halo 2 review. It's been done for 2 months, I just haven't finished deleting unimportant scenes or points. Was thinking of doing a 3/4 part review, and then a smaller full review.

    Still playing Mortal Kombat X, recently finished another playthrough of Shovel Knight on PS4, might decide to go back to my 360 and catch up on some games. Still addicted to Fire Emblem on DS.

    If I remember, attend Free Comicbook Day. A new Warmachine League starts on Sunday but I've been really annoyed at the players as of late (late meaning the last year and half). I'm still conflicted on whether or not I should go back to D&D considering how much I got screwed over last time.

    I started on the second part of Broken Age this week when it came out, but about 3 hours into the game, I'm just not feeling it. It's pretty and all, but the puzzles don't give me that brilliant "Ah-hah!" feeling. Was planning to get on with it this weekend, but I'm not so sure any more.

    I'll probably try to get through more of Witcher 1 (and 2, whenever I finish 1...) in preparation for Wild Hunt. I'll be getting Wild Hunt much, much later after release, the rate I'm going.

    Just got the DLC for MK8, will be playing that with the family.

      Urgh! I hate Mario Kart for the simple fact that everytime someone talks about it I think they're talking about Mortal Kombat! So I'm freaking out over the fact that the DLC is already out.

    Destiny - trying to decide which is less likely to result in my controller embedded in a wall and a hole in my TV: attempting the Thorn bounty in Crucible while all the decent players are focused on Iron Banner, or join Iron Banner and try to get Rank 3 for that sweet warlock chest piece... The PvP is not strong in this one.

    Might find some time to go through Broken Age Act 2. Might have to, for my own sanity. :3

      I am keen to jump on Destiny this weekend. I'll tag along for the thorn bounty.

    Still grinding Destiny, hoping some sweet exotics might drop. Stockpiling materials so I can upgrade my gear/weapons when HoW drops.

    Probably Guild Wars 2. Trying to find a local RP guild.


    Shovel Knight on the xbone, following that, I think my housemate wants to run some raids in destiny

      Dat soundtrack.

    gonna try to get my Bloodborne platinum trophy. Only need two more ending trophy!

    I've been playing a wee bit of Diablo 3 on the PS4, as well as the State of Decay remaster. Also been playing a bit of League of Legends, just normals for a bit of fun. I'm working all weekend but those games will probably occupy my free time.

    Starting Bloodborne again, Finished NG+ with one character, going at it again with a new character.

    Have a crack at Never Alone as well, looks visually appealing.

      Never Alone has a great atmosphere. Gameplay is very simple, but if you go into it for a cultural experience then it is very fulfilling. I especially recommend collecting the lore thingies and watching the videos as you go. I learnt a lot about the Iñupiat people.

        Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. It looks really well done.

    A mix of GTA V and Dirt Rally.

      How's Dirt Rally's physics?
      I'm a big fan of rally in general, played most of the rally games... Richard Burns Rally has always been my favourite. Does it compare?

        I think the physics are amazing (you can definitely feel the weight of the car, and how it becomes a different animal on various surfaces and under varying weather conditions, etc). I'm loving how much more sim this feels over the direction the series was previously heading in (plus I wasn't a big fan of gymkhana and the rewind feature, etc). I've never played RBR but I've seen some videos more recently on youtube and twitch of people who said they were huge fans of RBR, and who were saying that Dirt Rally was like a dream come true. The game feels extremely polished, nothing at all what I expected from an early access game. I've loved every single minute of it; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. If you love rally games, then you'll love Dirt Rally for sure.

    I'm thinking State of Decade and Shovel Knight, but I'm sort of zombied out from playing so much Resident Evil the past few weeks and I'm not the type to get swept up in nostalgia so both of those are having a bit of holding my attention. If they weren't fantastic games I think I'd pass. I've been feeling a bit of a Destiny itch lately so I might fall back into that.

      I'm thinking State of Decay might be the next game I get into. Slipped by me the first time around but this 1 year edition out on PC has piqued my interest.
      Got gifted H1Z1 the other day as well so might give that a whirl too. Hear the hackers in there are pretty brutal currently though.

        Yeah, I let it pass by last year so I'm happy to finally give it a shot. So far it's been worth playing even if I'm a little burned out on the theme. It sort of has high low stakes which make it interesting. There is perma death but you can switch to other survivors at will, so your big picture progress doesn't get reset when you die but the specific character's skills do, and you'll be forced to go back and pick up your gear. Keeps things interesting.
        It's a big, open world but it's also got this higher sim level where you have to build and upgrade your bases, keep things stocked, etc.

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    MK X, CK II & Skyrim; procrastinating from study as much as possible if it is as wet as they say it'll be!

    Bloodborne. Is there a way I can set it up so this comment is posted automatically in this article every week?

      Just keep coming back and posting so we are sure you haven't succumbed to beasthood. May the good blood guide your way.

    Thinking of going back and finishing off Tales of Xillia 2.

    Might try and play more Bloodborne.

    Reality: Garden, and watch One Piece.

      Might try and play more Bloodborne.

      Do, or do not, there is no try.

    Just bought Skyrim on steam. Played the hell out of it on PS3, but now I'm looking forward to playing with mods. Going to give it a complete graphical overhaul and I'm contemplating adding in some "realistic" mods - i.e. Having to eat and sleep, freezing if in the north without proper attire.


      Be careful, once you start you don't stop :P

        My God, what have you done? Why would you wish his curse upon me? I'll never see my family again...

    Magic The Gathering all Saturday.

    Beyond that, if I get time, maybe some Pillars

    Probably some BL: TPS with friends. Outside of that I'll be finishing Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero and working my way through DS2: SOTFS. It's kind of fun to feel apprehensive in areas again. There'll also be some Suikoden in between things.

    Dirt Rally and still bloody skyrim...when will that game get out of my system for Christ sake!

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