What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm just killing time right now till The Witcher 3 comes out. Mostly I'm killing time in my Bloodborne New Game +.

I've gone up and down on New Game +. Right now I'm absolutely loving it. I'm just finding so much that I completely missed last time — including entire areas. Castle Cainhurst being the most prominent. I can't believe I missed out on this first time round.

I'm also continuing to play Titan Souls and OlliOlli during my commute to and from the office. Titan Souls really isn't that great with the added Vita loading times, but OlliOlli 2 is perfect on the handheld. Loving that.

What are you playing this weekend?


    GTA heists, the most fun you can have with your friends with your pants on...or off. Oh and some Project cars.

    I'm at my parent's place in the country. Should I take up my DS and crack open A link between worlds? I've never played it, but bought it on release...

    EDIT: Feel free to suggest any other 3DS/DS games I should maybe download as well. I also have Pokemon Y that is languishing a bit, I never got past the second gym for... reasons :B and Fire Emblem. What's wrong with me :'(

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      Bravely Default! Best game on 3DS (after Fire Emblem)!

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        Ok I am properly intrigued. Just did a quick google of it and am now asking myself how I haven't heard of it. Thanks for the tip.

          I'm playing Bravely Default now. I would recommend it but a word of caution, after about 20-30 hours you can pretty much just auto-battle everything if you have the right job setup. I've close to finishing after 75 hours, and everything after about 40 hours has been a bit of a slog, without spoiling why this is. The characters are all charming, and the villains are on the moustache-twirling caricature side of things. Art is fantastic and the battle system is solid and complex enough to have you experimenting throughout the game if you want to. Four stars from me.

      Fantasy Life, Rune Factory IV, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Boxboy!.

      My top pick: Kid Icarus: Uprising.

        How did you get Rune Factory on 3DS? Do you have a US 3DS?

          There was an eShop only release in PAL territories December last year.

            BWAH! Really???? Crap! I'm off to download that right now!!!! Thanks for that!

    Bastion is sucking up my time, and strangely Never Alone has the hooks in me

    Witcher 2 now that I have a PC that can actually run it haha. Couldn't get in to the first one but loving 2.

    Also, Mass Effect. Gonna play through the trilogy again.

      I was thinking about starting Mass Effect this weekend as well! Gotta do the trilogy once a year ;)

      Playing Witcher 2 here as well, on my 360 though.

      I totally agree, I couldn't get into the first one but 2 is awesome!!

    Started The Order last night, not enjoying the QTE at the start, but it makes the actual cover shooting gameplay a bit more exciting. Also it looks pretty great, and so far has a solid story. I've heard its short so I will probably finish it this weekend.

    Also, I'll be trying out the Splatoon demo over the weekend at the designated times, really looking forward to trying this game out.

    I want to play Bloodborne. Killed a couple of bosses early in the week, made some progress, and marveled at how the world was starting to change ever-so-slightly.

    But it will have to wait till the evenings. Stupid kid. Love that guy so much.

      Love that guy so much

      You talking about your kid or your copy of Bloodborne?


    Hopefully a good chunk of Project CARS, been waiting a long time for that to be released.

    I just finished Transistor, great game. Still playing Mortal Kombat X and Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday. Might go through some backlog too.

    Also visiting my mum on Saturday for Mothers Day. I've uploaded my Halo 2 review but I want to just finish the preview images, description etc. and check out the video before I commit to making it public.
    I'm doing this thing where I've left it long but split into 3 parts, then I'm going to upload a shorter version with heavy edit cuts.

    Probably more GW2, mixed with Battlefield 4. Was going to go shooting this weekend, but remembered yesterday that I'm on call today for a week. Housebound! Gaems! \o/

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    I will probably only have time to get through some more of Mother 3. I am in the mood for a racing sim though so I may pick up Project Cars. Still waiting for a physical copy of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood :(

    I am playing a lot of Freedom Wars lately and will probably keep that trend up. There will probably be some Borderlands Pre-Sequel with friends, a little DS2: SotFS and some Suikoden in the downtimes.

    Cosmic Encounter apparently!

    Also probably more raging and resetting of FTL.

    I'm flying to London this weekend, so any gaming will be Vita related, I just don't know what yet. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good in-flight Vita game?

      Persona 4! Last time I flew to London I started (and finished) a new game of Pokemon Y.

      Ys: Memories of Celceta.

      Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

      Games that can be played in chunks:

      Woah Dave (like a super crate box-y thing)
      Steam World Dig (super awesome!)
      Flame Over (fight fires and rescue people and cats)
      Kick & Fennick (best of the bunch - Angry Birds meets 2D platforming)

    Probably some Dead Rising 3. I got it about six months ago, but barely played it, then last week I bought the Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + ɑ DLC, and it got me back into the game.

    Maybe some Mortal Kombat X too.

    Bloodborne. Still.

    But I only need to defeat Moon Presence now, and then I will finally be finished!

      Delay that pleasure with some co-op fun!

        Oh, I think I'll be at it for a while anyway, considering how many failed attempts I've had at beating the ****.

          Ouch! Not looking forward to it, myself. I did G-man on my third try by shooting the crap out of him with a +10 Evelyn buffed with Ash, then bugged out of the Moon fight so I could go Chalicing.

            I've heard it said that Moon Presence is easier than German, but that has not been my experience.

    Destiny, i just picked up dark bellow and am gonna push hard for a raid of vog hard as i havent played the game in so long. If any one is interest they should hit me up on ps4.

    I'm only two bosses away from my Bloodborne platinum! \o/

      I've got a few chalice dungeons and then Moon Presence, but I keep wasting time on co-op. It's so enthralling. Now I'm beating on Father G and Cleric Beast like a boss in either NG+ or NG++ (I'm still in NG but am level 140 so get pulled into higher level game).

        Oh by the way, I got your message too late the other night. Sorry! I haven't progressed far enough to help out with Rom yet. Hope you got him sorted good and proper!

          I did eventually. So frustrating fighting him underground though :-(

    Probably play some more Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, Dungeon Defenders, and maybe try out Turbo Dismount. Also gonna do some work in UE4!

    Visiting the parents for Mothers Day so the 3DS and Pokémon Omega Ruby will be my go to game.

    picked up a new pinball machine last weekend so I'll probably just work on getting the wizard mode on that.

    Peggle Blast on IOS.
    Oh how my life has changed :/

    Taking a semi-break from Destiny ahead of house of Wolves - just checking in for Nightfalls/Weeklies. I will swing by the Tower tonight if Xur is selling anything good, otherwise I'm working on a backlog. My wife has finally gotten around to Tomb Raider so I might try and get back to Watch_Dogs.

    A megagame!

    I'm driving to Sydney right now so that I can take part in Unrest in Idrinor.

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