What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I gonna be playing this weekend? To be honest, I don't know.

I have been playing New Game+ on Bloodborne and I was loving it. But right now I don't know if I can muster up the motivation. For the first time since it came out, I've been not playing Bloodborne the minute I get free time. Weird.

I'm still playing a lot of OlliOlli 2 on the PS Vita, but asides from that I'm just sorta patiently waiting for The Witcher 3 to come out.

How about you guys and girls?


    Going to finish Broken Age.

    Then, given my computer ate my save file, restart Grim Fandango

      I should probably get on that too. Kickstarted, played about half of act 1, then kinda didn't finish even though I was enjoying it. Now that act 2 is out, I should just get stuck into it.

    Bloooooodboooooorne. Now have 3 distinct fronts to explore. Exciting!

      You're in the Cathedral Ward?

        Pfft, done with that guy.

        I beat Vicar Amelia and Blood-Starved Beast, and am currently a couple of shortcuts deep into the forbidden forest. But I've also unlocked the lamp after the gaol and stumbled into the nightmare something or other. So if I get stuck in the forest at any point, I know that I have other places to go.

          Good luck! (With the nightmare locations especially)


    A merry go round, rage quitting festival of Bloodborne, Grim Fandango, Broken Age, Bastion, Far Cry 4 and whatever else I compulsively select on my PS4 & Vita screens

      What's making you rage in Bloodborne? For me it's those rolling Labyrinth Watchers with the big maces.

      I find Far Cry 4 to be really annoying due to its abundance of “filler”.

      Walk 10 meters, stop to pick up a plant, walk 10 meters, zig zag across the map to open crates, walk 10 meters, get attacked by birds, walk 10 meters, swerve to collect a mask, walk ten meters, get attacked by a passing car, walk 10 meters, get harassed to chase a convoy, walk 10 meters, get attacked by a snake… it’s just a non-stop barrage of distraction from enjoying the broader gameworld or focusing on your mission.

        Shouldnt you be annoyed at yourself more than the game? Seems you're too easily distracted...

        I did the same thing though, then a fair way into gameplay time I just stopped, stopping... and smashed out the missions. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as interesting as 3 was :(

          Yeah I could, it’s just annoying because you need to do a lot of those lame little missions to unlock the cooler toys.

          They should have done more to tie the unlocks to the side missions as opposed to the busywork stuff.

          Having to constantly harvest plants for health is a pain in the ass too. Particularly when you spend ages setting something up and making sure you’ve got enough health packs only to be randomly assaulted by a honeybadger seconds before you’re about to start an assault.

            Yeah. I didn't really enjoy the game as much as 3. At least 3 sort of had the cool story to drive you through the busywork a bit.

        I completely agree. I've more or less stopped playing it now, maybe about halfway through the story missions, for this exact reason.
        Either I lack focus, or Far Cry 4 does.

    I haven't played any games for nearly 3 months (longest absence since Tandy TRS-80 MKIII years)... help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope

      Now let's discuss this calmly. When did you first find yourself attracted to not playing games?

        Well it all started oddly enough with Dragon Age Inquisition, after finally giving up Hearthstone. I just couldn't be bothered going back to my PC and playing games... I think mainly because I was so excited and intimidated by DA Inquisition that I don't want to ruin it by finishing it. Why? Why me? It's not fair what did I do to deserve this? Now I'm going to miss out on The Witcher 3 *sob*

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    Probably more mario kart, finally got another pro controller (currently $40 at BigW).

      Tell me more, it is not on their web site so I cant go to jb hifi to price match, our big w usually never has any stock of anything so some indication of the 40 dollar price would be wonderful

    My copy of Witcher 3 arrived this morning, so I guess that will be it!

      Everyone let's down vote this guy out of pure jealousy!

      Wow, that's early! Where from?

        Canberra JB shipped their pre-order copies on Wednesday, at least that's when they sent the dispatch email, but it arrived this morning.

        I don't normally pre-order from JB when I want things early because it can be pretty so-so on when it actually arrives and in some cases pre-orders arrive like a week and a half after release. EB usually get you every game the day before it comes out but not something I was willing to do at the price of $109 for the Witcher 3.

        Last edited 15/05/15 11:43 am

      Dude can you send a photo of the receipt?! Then I can use it to get my copy early!

    I am thinking of smashing out some DMC on current gen since it is on sale on PSN for $30.
    Purely as a distraction from the ever ticking clock on my preorder for WITCHER 3.

    I'll be wrapping up the story in Freedom Wars and playing some Suikoden II mostly. There might be some DSII: SotFS as well somewhere in there.

      What do you think of Freedom Wars? It's currently jostling for position in my backlog.

    Looking like Battlefield Hardline, because I'm a tool that's willing to pay way too much money for a good game.

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and DA:I (almost done).

      Dude! I’m EXACTLY the same.

      Trying to get through DA so that I can start the Witcher next week. I’m like 90 hours in but the game is SOOOOO dense it’s ridiculous.
      Thinking I might push the Witcher back a bit and just enjoy DA, it is a good game in it’s own right and it feels like it would be a waste to rush to the end (as best as you can rush that game).

      Majora’s Mask will be played when my GF steals the TV. I got to the ‘egg collecting’ part of Great Bay and I put it down for the last few weeks.

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    Finished transferring all my games over to new computer. I'll likely just end up just driving around GTA V looking at all the pretty.

      Nice, i did exactly the same after i upgraded my graphics card! Driving around at night in the rain, so pretty!! What specs you got?

        Dual Geforce GTX 980's, i7 4790k intel cpu and 16gb RAM

          Very nice indeed! I'm just running a single 980 with an older i5.

    Finishing off my Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne using the collector's edition guide (awesome, but sooooo heavy). ***UPDATE EDIT: Platted the game last night! Reluctantly shelved it so I can finish GTAV before Witcher 3 gets here next week.***

    Maybe getting back into GTAV campaign after that or some Driveclub.

    Playing Velocity 2X and Miku PDF 2nd on Vita at the moment.

    3DS is having a rest after 72 hours of Bravely Default.

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      Velocity 2X is still so great, loved getting that Platinum, though Levels (think) 42 and 47 and boss level 35 were some really stressful times... more so than the final 3 levels with the 'twist' gameplay change... I do hope one day there will be a 3rd entry into the series.

      Currently on a self imposed Miku break (though I did check out the 2 newest DLC yesterday), I'm not considering Expert difficulties, but I'm about 6-7 songs away from Perfects on Hard and I just don't think The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku (Can't even do it on Normal! HA!), Kagerou Daze & Paradichlorobenzene will happen, there is some really quick changes in those songs and I'm not an alternate button presser, so Excellent rankings will be enough for me.


      Vita - I finished Shovel Knight this week, but I will do a New Game Plus getting a few more trophies and also hopefully get better at it. That way I can look to plan some of the more challenging runs (No Deaths, Break All Checkpoints and Speed Run).

      PS3 - Also playing Stick Of Truth on the PS3, I don't like turn based RPG's, but this one seems like it's a 'lite' version, as the battles (so far?) don't really last all that long, so it keeps the pace going. The subject matter is top tier stuff though, so many awesome South Park references and the story is really quite fun.

      PS4 - After finishing up The Order a few weeks ago, I haven't dropped back into anything, but I think I might pick up where I left off on Abe's Oddysee, I'm back at the factory, so I should look to finish that at some point.

        Wow, if you don't do alternate button presses I don't wonder that the songs you mentioned are stumping you! I do love Paradichlorobenzene on extreme though - it's probably got one of the best button maps ever, including a bit where it literally makes your thumbs dance. I'm on extreme Intense Voice and Dream Fever but I can't seem to beat Great on those - too fast. Kagerou Daze on extreme is has ridiculous sequences of arrow notes which I just can't do due to the speed and length of the sequences. Give me four or so quick arrow notes, but twelve???

          Completely understand, the Hard ending of Intense Voice just kills it for me, I could get flawless uptil that very final sequence and then everything falls apart.

          Strangely, Kagerou Daze, my issue is the start, for some reason I can't wrap my head around the button/swipe pattern, especially the second part when the arrows come out, I am still swiping, so maybe if I change the swipes to the shoulder buttons it would be much easier.

          I had so much fun with Dream Fever on Hard, the song is fast, but the mapping feels spot on and alot easier than some of the other songs (I'm sure Extreme is something else though).

    Was hoping to say The Witcher 3 but that comes out Tuesday.
    So probably just be playing Oddworld New 'N' Tasty and finishing up The Old Blood.

    Probably Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush, Puzzle & Dragons Z, AdVenture Capitalist and maybe some Clicker Heroes.

    GTAV unless The Witcher drops early.

    Axiom Verge!!! The only thing to get me away from gta v

    Payday 2, Max Payne 3, Mortal Kombat X, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V......um....that should be it

    I'd love to make a start on the new Wolfenstein game but time is limited.

    Football manager 15. Just finished up my first season with Norwich after starting out in south africa and then dominating the a-league for a few years. I've secured my promotion to the premier league so this weekend I'll start on my first season at that level. This game is so addictive once you get the hang of it.

    Probably keep on with my DA:I nightmare run.

    The beginning was pretty rough, but now that I'm a few hours in (Lvl 8...not at Skyhold yet) it's getting easier.

      My first run was nightmare and what gave me a great start was just refusing to leave the Hinterlands until the level increase absolutely forced me to. Being perpetually a few levels above what's required gave me just a little edge!

    This isn't because of the kickstarter because I started before that was even revealed so I didn't know.
    but I've been playing through the Castlevania games for the first time.
    Finished 1, 3, Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night and will be moving on to the GBA Games followed by the DS titles.
    other than that I still have NiGHTS Journey of Dreams to play through and just finished TimeSplitters Future Perfect

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    Project CARS! Despite the bugs, I can't stop playing it. The driving is just that good.

    I'll be playing "Write A 3,000 Word Essay Before Sunday Night Ends".

      It takes a while to really get started and totally drags in the middle. It's occasionally padded by filler and you'll probably need Wikipedia from time to time. Stick with it though, the ending is fantastic.

    Will most likely be continuing my Mass Effect trilogy run. About half way through 2 at the moment.

    Other than that, maybe some Witcher 2. Wanna try to finish it in preparation for 3.

    Maybe some Starcraft 2... only starter edition, but I'm gonna play the hell out of it.

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