What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I gonna be playing this weekend? To be honest, I don't know.

I have been playing New Game+ on Bloodborne and I was loving it. But right now I don't know if I can muster up the motivation. For the first time since it came out, I've been not playing Bloodborne the minute I get free time. Weird.

I'm still playing a lot of OlliOlli 2 on the PS Vita, but asides from that I'm just sorta patiently waiting for The Witcher 3 to come out.

How about you guys and girls?


    Trying to get back into Destiny like an abused housewife returning to her violent husband. He only hits me when he's drunk. I can change him. I'm doing it for the kids (my guns).

    Bloodbo-- oh wait, no!


    Finished Bloodborne last week, thinking about The Witcher 3 next, but need a palate cleanser in between 40-80 hour games. Went with DriveClub since it's cheap (about $38 for PS+ members, I think EB have preowned copies for $18).

    Really enjoying it... the reviews at launch were pretty average, but I'd heard good things about it since they patched it, so I took a punt on it. I'm guessing that the 10Gb or so of patches I had to install mean that the game I'm playing is probably very different to the one that people got at launch. Lots of fun and some absolutely jaw-dropping graphics.

      Agreed. I got the play on Driveclub but it's pulling me back in. If you haven't got the season pass, please consider it. You are basically doubling the size of the game in terms of cars available and tripling it in terms of tour events. Fantastic value. No Japanese cars, although I expect this to be announced as Season Pass #2 at E3 next month.

        Yeah, I've got to say the car roster is probably the main disappointment with the game. Not a single Japanese car on offer. While I don't necessarily need or want the Gran Turismo approach of 19 different Skylines, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect just a few of the essentials (say GT-R, 370Z, WRX, Evo, 86) as part of the basic package. Likewise, no American cars (eg Mustang, Camaro, Viper). Although I think there are a few in some of the various DLC packs.

        I'm expecting them to finally release the free PS+ edition alongside E3 next month. Should help to bring in some more new players... I need to get into some club events to unlock some of those cars :P

          My prediction is that, due to them recently announcing that Driveclub is transitioning to a service, it won't be a cut-down PS+ edition, but the full game that will be put on PS+ (or even made available to everyone) with just DLC being sold either piecemeal or through season passes. I'm a bit miffed that the Japanese cars will be kept as an 'incentive' to buy the second season pass. I really can't think of any other reason that they haven't done Japanese cars at all in the first season. Pretty much every racing game has Japanese cars.

            Yeah, even without the DC-as-a-service thing, I think the original has been out long enough now that the full thing could go on PS+ at this point. Would certainly be a bit of a boost for the PS+ games offering which has been pretty substandard compared to the glory days of PS+ on the PS3. Guess that's what happens when they make it mandatory for online play.

            If they go down that route, it'll be interesting to see if there's any kind of bonus given to those who forked out for the full game rather than waiting. Probably not :P

            Not sure if I'll go for the season pass or not - think I'll make do with the basic package + the free DLC cars and wait and see if I get bored with that lot or if I want more. If they're going to push the service side of it indefinitely then hopefully that means we might see some additional locations, too - I'd probably be more interested in that than another 40-odd cars.

              Yeah, my bet is on a non-Scandinavian continental European country (southern France, northern Italy, Switzerland/Austria) , although Australia would be awesome. Imagine some outback rally racing circuits or tropical rainforest coastal drives.

                I'd pay good money for the Great Ocean Road DLC :P

    Playing = Wolfenstien the old blood and some more MKX

    Watching = Hopefully Mad Max

    Insurgency! I picked it up on the humble sale and something about it just grips me! I usually don't play much competitive FPS but the guns and realism is just awesome. I'm still shit at it but it's quite intriguing. Still on sale for $3.50 on Bundelstars if anyone was interested.

    Just finished Deus Ex HR for the second time (played it back a couple of years ago on release). Totally awesome game, definitely in my top 10.

    I bought Stalker Call of Pripyat recently and plan to play it, but I know it's a big time investment and I don't want to get distracted before Witcher 3. Can't wait!

    Looking to trade in some games so trying to finish the stories:

    Destiny - have just beaten the Kell (I don't know who any of these creatures are and I don't care!) on Mars - ny character is Level 16 and bored out of his brain!

    Far Cry 4 - what @foggy said about the games pacing is absolutely correct - it constantly feels like the game is wasting my time! How many times have I come to an objective that was metres away but on top of a rock face that has no climbing equipment so you have to go all the way around

    I just defended a monastery from dudes with bombs there's tonnes to go

    COD Advanced Warfare: surprisingly this may get spared the chop because (although it's MP is not as good as Titanfall or BF4) the campaign is actually fun! I just finished the 'BioLab' level and was last seen jumping around the Golden Gate Bridge.

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    I finally picked up a copy of bloodborne $69 at costco. Ive never played a game so frustrating and enjoyable at the same time.

    Probably a little Metro. Really liking it so far.

    Might do some GTA Online stuff. Most likely not a lot.

    Bloodborne, almost finished it with my 1st character...

      Have you been co-oping? What set-up and level is your character?

        I asked for assistance with Vicar Amilia, the rest i did it solo (I did assist a couple of people with Father Gascoigne). I finished my 1st character on friday after 60 hours of game play. I am sure people finish this game much quicker than I did as I tend to grind a bit. I was level 120 when I finished :P

        Edit: Oh and you were asking for setup, that's another reason I think I had to grind a bit. My character is a strength build, but I also but points in bloodtinge and arcane. So it's the classic jack of all trades, master of none situation.

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          Ha ha, not quite as bad as me. I was level 162 when I finished. I got a couple of the endings and then went back for the true ending using save file reloading but between the final boss and the second final boss I went and did the Chalice Dungeons and a whole lot of assisting people with co-op. It's almost relaxing to face the boss battles knowing that all your precious blood echoes are safe :-)

            wow, 162! I wish I have the time to do that. I use to but since I can only play it with my two kids are asleep... I did not even attempt a lot of the Chalice Dungeons. I am going to focus on them now. Given the witcher 3 will be out tomorrow I will have even less time to go back to Yarnham.

    Wolf the Old Blood, if i beat it, gonna play more Mass Effect 1 as ive yet to finish it

    Still making my way through GTA V. Also, watching Mad Max: Fury Road :)

    Going to try and finish Witcher 2 before Witcher 3 arrives this week.

    maybe some Diablo 3 as well!

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