What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Weekends for me is time for playing games with my offspring, which means I've got to keep it family-friendly.

As such, I predict it'll be more about Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition!, which I'm working through with my youngest right now, than, say The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, even though I need a lot more time with that game. I can't really call it family friendly, unless I'm a member of the Manson family without knowing it.

At least, that's what I'm thinking I'll be doing. What about you folk?



    EDIT: Not really, but watching Jeff Green's stream has made me want to dive back in.

    I'll really be playing Witcher 3 on PS4, Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3, Puss in Boots on PS3 (with the kids) and Velocity 2X on Vita.

    Maybe some Miku if I feel moe and rhythmic.

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    I've started Murdered Soul Suspect - it's not too bad so far. Must collect all the things!

      Interested to see what you think. I keep on putting off buying this, even though it is now available at a low low price.

      I didn't mind it. I cheated and used a guide for all the collectables though.

    Well, I've now moved on to Halo 3 for my Halo retrospective review series. You should check it out, remember to like, comment and subscribe.

    I have D&D on Sunday, have to work with the DM to figure out how to work with problem players.

    Still playing MKX, also downloaded the trial for FF14, so I might give that a try.

    Also working on Fire Emblem: Awakening. Would have finished by now but instead I'm fighting random battles to get everybodys support conversation. I need to know which characters to match up and make babies!

      MC with Tharja is the only choice!

      What sort of problems are the players?

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        Tharja isn't a lesbian/bi. I was originally pairing her up with Lon'Qu as I thought their personalities matched. But then I noticed Olivia was just as shy as Lon'Qu so I decided to match them up instead. As if my character saw him being happier with her and decided to step aside to let it happen. Then started making out with Inigo cause she found out it really upset her.

      What version of D&D are you playing and in what way are they problem players? Our DM implemented a cursed finger bone a player found in a desk drawer. He threw the thing away and thought nothing of it. Next session his character was feeling nauseous and made a fortitude save. He failed, started vomiting and out popped the cursed finger bone :P

        Well I already mentioned it in Mondays thread. Our DM has tried to point out their problems repeatidly. Even giving the dwarf paladin a cursed axe that forced him to attack everybody once he attacked someone. He just sold it and bought a new ax.

    Clicker Heroes!

    And maybe some Axiom Verge and Life is Strange new episode if I can pull myself away from clicking furiously.

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    Witchering! Need to do some serious levelling up as all my current quests seem to have a recommended level of at least 2 above my current status.

    Dota 2

      Let's be honest, this answer applies every weekend..

    Hitting House of Wolves hard continues. Mixed with trying to 80 my Mesmer on GW2 since I just got my first legendary - Twilight.

    I want to say Destiny, but I'm playing my Hunter which generally means I've run out of stuff to do, so I'll probably buy something off Xur then go back to Battlefield Hardline.

    This weekend is one for me WITHOUT my offspring, so I'm going to be playing scary games like Bloodborne in the middle of the day. How decadent!


        Funny thing is that I got stuck on a stupid boss and decided I could not be bothered, and ended up watching Netflix (National Treasure, American Beauty) and replaying Guacamelee instead. Lost opportunity? Probably!

    Probably The Witcher 3, also some AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes and Puzzle & Dragons Z.

    Also have to try and catch up on Game Of Thrones (still only halfway through season 4).

    Edit: Actually, scratch that. After watching The Road last night I'm in the mood for some post apocalyptic urban decay, so I reckon I'll start on The Last Of Us: Remastered.

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    More essay writing.. but who am I kidding.. I will DEFINITELY be playing at least several hours of The Witcher 3. :)

    The sad but honest answer is that I will likely spend a section of my weekend watching TV while hatching eggs in Pokémon Y with my left hand and resetting for a shiny legendary in Pokémon Omega Ruby with my right hand.
    I've gotten scarily efficient at this multitasking.

    House of Wolves, dl'd last night and hoping it gets me interested in Destiny again.

    Some friends and I will be playing a little Destiny, but for the most part it will be MH3U with some Suikoden II mixed in. The new NFS reboot announcement has made me want to play the new Most Wanted though. I played the heck out of the original so I'm kinda keen to see what this one's like.

    Thief and maybe I'll start Witchering.

    I'm cocooning myself for the entire weekend with soup, tea and The Witcher 3 AND IT'S GOING TO BE GLORIOUS.

      Include a blanket and a solemn vow to not answer the door or phone for anything or anyone.

      Oh great, I bet you're going to make him wear a grandma sweater and stare at his facial hair grow.

    Once again I'll be bashing my buttons for the deadly grind that is Destiny. It's an unfortunate overlord I seem to unwillingly succumb to. Although I am thoroughly enjoying House of Wolves.

    Splatoon I will definitely be playing!

    Apart from that, what can I say I'll play this weekend, but actually not, like every week... Uhhh... Gravity Rush.

    Finishing off Kirby, which looks amazing and is actually hard at points!

    Also waking up early to smash out one more hour of splatoon before next week's release!

    GUACAMELEEEE. Man I love that game so much. The music and atmosphere is just amazing.

    Part of me wants to hop back in to the Destinyverse and try HoW, part of me says don't even bother. I'll definitely rack up some online friendlies in Fifa. Enjoying that more than anything else atm, although I still need to pick up Ori. I know I'll enjoy that when I get round to it.

    Carmageddon Reincarnation & The Witcher...2.... :P

      Carmageddon is so good. All of my nostalgias are aroused by it.

      The only thing I'd like added is the ai driver emotions from 2. They were great, and really gave the ai some life.

      Randomised missions to accomplish during the race would be good to, to change up the strategy a bit. I really liked the wager stuff from black ops 1, it'd work so well in carmageddon.

    OMG Kirby's Epic Yarn on on WiiU Virtual Console got released this morning for $19 odd.
    I shall put earthbound aside for this weekend and wooly up with kirrby.

      Someone here was looking for a used copy of Kirby's Epic Yard last week. I just can't remember who...

        I know it's a typo, but I'm now imagining a game called "Kirby's Epic Yard" where he has to do gardening work. He'd make a great leaf blower, obviously.

        I think I still have my copy. Let me know if you rmb who.

          Damn. I wish I was better at searching. All I remember is that it reminded me that I wanted to play it which sucked because they said it was hard to find.

      Great game. Insanely easy but so damn creative.

    Definitely Witcher 3.

    Picked up the Darksiders franchise on humble bundle, so I'll play that too if I need a break from W3.

    Probably a bit more of Borderlands 2. I've been chipping away at it since February, and think I'm getting close to the end of the main quest line judging by the trophy list.

    I guess this is due to a lack of time and frustration with the single player balance of this game (I don't remember having this much trouble playing the first game solo).

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