What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's that time. There've been a few good games released this week, though I suspect most people will be busy slogging through a game that came out a little while before. What worlds will you be spending your time in?

Anyone getting into a big of Magicka 2? I know more than a few of you are going out to get your Splatoon on.

As for me, I've got a weekend full of Heroes of the Storm planned, both for fun and because we're going to be putting up some tips videos next week, just to test it out and see how you guys like them.

But any excuse to play HOTS is a good one for me. It's one of those games when time just flies past. After a loss, I can't abide, and have to play another to end on a win. After a win, I wanna keep the momentum going and play again. Hello, 4am, where did you come from?

The toxicity of ranked matches takes me back to the good ol' Counter-Strike days. That'll be my metagame this weekend. Arguing with pre-teens about team composition and when to push the core.

The new hero, Kael'Thas, is quite interesting, and combined with Sylvanas and The Lost Vikings, the last few additions to the game have been really good. I can't purchase the fiery prince yet but I'm looking forward to getting charred by his giant fireball nukes all Sunday.

How about you?


    Something from the (far) back catalogue/pile of shame I think... some Saints Row (how can I play 2-4 without playing 1!?) or finally finishing Fallout maybe... aside from that it's the weekend so will be playing whatever my 7 yo wants as well.. so probably Minecraft or Lego Batman 3.

      Yep, "Playdough Kirby" and Captain Toad for me for this reason. Might try to get back into my stalled Bloodborne campaign too if I find time in the evenings.

      If you're going to play Saints Row I recommend forcing yourself to go straight into Saints Row 2 when you're done. The first game isn't terrible but the series doesn't really hit on anything amazing until the second.

        Yeah I started it last weekend, and while fun the control scheme and some of the mechanics are pretty dated after playing some GTA V lol. I have 2-4 on steam already so I'll be moving through them after I finish the 1st one.

    I'm going to ink it up to the Sun, ink it up to the moon and play Splat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat Splatoon!

      I'm going to be a squid, then I'm going to be a kid, then I'm going to be a squid again.


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    Just cause 2

    Playing catch up in time for number 3

    Still playing MKX, and dipping into my trial of FF14. I think it's ok, if I wasn't scared of money I might think about subscribing just for the story.

    On 360 I got back into the Witcher 2, as well as a little bit of Halo: Reach.

    Not sure what to do on D&D for Sunday. I'm kinda against the direction it's going.

    I'll pretty much put a recurring post on this question for the next 6 months and say: Witcher 3.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia Action Unleashed U for Vita!

      So jelly...

        OzGameShop, delivered in 3 business days!

          3 business days, that's insane! I just put in an order through Playasia though, for Moe Chronicle, so I'll have to wait a little while to get Nep Nep's latest.

            Ordered Friday, arrived Wednesday - I thought that was insane too! And it was only after you recommended I buy from them in the What's New This Week thread from a few weeks ago!

    If I manage to get any free time, definitely will be playing more of The Witcher 3.

    Witcher 3 and Destiny, this weekend... and every other weekend for the foreseeable future. Which, as I'm not an augur, is basically "this weekend... maybe."

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    Try and get the Witcher 3 story done and maybe some City Skylines

    Knocked off the last achievements in Shovel Knight last night, so this weekend it looks like Devil May Cry.

    I'll be mostly working, but when I'm not I'll be playing Clicker Heroes and Tea Party Simuator 2015. I might give Construction Simulator a bash too. I'll aslo be grinding out the last achievement in AdVenture Capitalist.

    There'll also be some Splatooning in there as well.

    Destiny has sucked me back in. I feel so dirty.

    *sobs* *sniffle sniffle* I gotta wooooork waaaaah

    Witcher 3 on PS4

    Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3 (and maybe some Puss in Boots / Tintin with the kids)

    Danganronpa on PS Vita (and also Miku)

    Hopefully I'll get some time for some Splatoon and some Witcher 3

    Witcher 3. Netflix. Whatever deranged games my 2 year old makes up and ropes me into.

    Witcher 3! It actually runs on my PC! Granted, I have to turn the graphics and post processing to low. But it's smooth. And still looks great!

    Also, restarting my Mass Effect trilogy play through.

    Finally realised the majesty which is Dark Souls.
    if I finish that, I managed to find Blüdbôrnę for fiddy bux.

    I'm also on the lookout for Demons Souls now & will happily part with my hard earned munee for a copy on PS3(it's hard to find, yo)

      Demon's Souls is on PSN. Not sure if it is worth getting after Bloodborne. I loved it at the time mind you.

        Yeah, I want the disc, I'm old.

        I realise it came before, won't bother me, I still regularly replay PSX games.

        Thanks though :-)

          Understand. I traded in my Collectors edition of Demon's Souls at the time and it still pains me . Watch out for Flamelurker. That boss still haunts my dreams.

          Good luck!

    I finally finished the story for Shadow of Mordor. It's been one of those games where other more enticing games have arrived and pushed it down the list, but I'm so glad I finally got around to playing it. Other than trying to 100% SoM, I should probably get around to playing the original two Witcher games.

    And of course, Insurgency.

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    Still chipping away at Witcher 3.

    Might get some Destiny and Diablo 3 in too, if my friends come online.

    Finished Bloodborne after 60 hours. Fantastic game. My Facebook friends will be happy as I posted videos of each of my boss fights online.

    Hopefully some Destiny over the weekend but I have Alien Isolation sitting there taunting me and I really should get back into that.

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