What E3 Exaggerations Are You Excited For?

Phil Owen Wants To Know What E3 Exaggerations You're Excited For

Hi! I'm Phil Owen, and I'll be a guest editor for Kotaku today. I wanna talk E3 for a minute. We're only a couple weeks away from what somebody out there probably calls "gamer Christmas", and now is the time to get that hype train rolling!

To get us started today, E3 is not, ahem, all fun and games — while, yes, E3 is the biggest source of gaming news we have each year, it's also the biggest source of exaggerations and outlandish promises from the video game marketing machine. It makes covering the show an existential nightmare as reporters try to figure out which kernels of information are legit, and which are game features they will end up rolling back before they release the games they're trying to get you to pre-order six months in advance, and which are whatever this turned out to be.

This year's E3 will show off the likes of Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Just Cause and many other things along with the yearly traditions of Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty and sports out the wazoo. And there will be surprises as well. Last E3 was pretty rough, being the first of the console transition, but this year all the big guns should be out and firing once more.

So my discussion question for the day: What hypetastic exaggerations do you hope or expect to see at this year's show?


    Obligatory Half Life 3 comment.

      I want Gabe to just come in to the Sony press conference unannounced and just say "Half life 3 is now out on PC you can buy it on steam goodbye" and then just walk off.

        If that happened I would happily eat a sofa.

    "Looking into servers for Australia" - E3

    "Sorry - did we say we would look into that? Umm... No then." - Three months after release.

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      To be fair, we do a pretty fantastic job of showing them why AU servers are a bad investment.

      "We want AU servers, stop discriminating against us!!"
      "Ok, here ya go"
      "There is nobody playing, I'm going back to US servers!!"

    I'm hanging out for the Fallout 4 announcement. Come on Bethesda, it's been over 3 years since Skyrim!

      Fallout 4 and Doom I can see being shown at E3 but a new elder scrolls doubtful more likely expansion for ESO. I wish a new SP Elder scrolls come with co-op but we can only wish.

    this video is all done in engine! (when we don't have to worry about AI, real time effects and little things like that)

      Alternately: This video is all done in engine! (On the big beefy PC out back with more hardware in it than your yearly salary could afford).

        "Sure, our video is done in-engine and looks amazing, but we promise it'll run on lower spec machines just fine. Our PC? That's the one hooked up to the thermo-nuclear reactor over there."

        Or (on the beefy PC out back with more hardware than Ron Jeremy's jeans)

    Fallout - or I'm gunna jump out the window...

      The amount of buzz surrounding it means that Bethesda pretty much has to announce Fallout 4, even if they weren't ready for it yet. They'll cobble something together and then furiously start work on the game... for the next two years.

        Realistically, they won't have done a conference if they weren't announcing it. They're not stupid and will have noticed that anything and everything they've posted on social media has come with 'Fallout 4' comments over the past 2 years or so. I don't think even Bethesda would be capable of trolling everyone this much

          Unless they go full on Shinji Hashimoto and announce a Fallout 3 remaster for PS4/X1 *trollface*

            As long as remaster means 'without bugs' then I'd be down for that as well :D I'm holding out some hope for the Elder Scrolls Anthology to be released on consoles as well. I think I'm hoping for too much though.

            My 2 main games wanted from E3 will be (or won't be) at the Bethesda conference though. Doom is confirmed, Fallout 4 is all but confirmed

        Crikey one would hope they've already been working on it for 2 years but I guess we’ll see...

    New Drinking game: Take a shot every time a game is described as, "Will be the most open sandbox of all time."

      You'll die of alcohol poisoning by the end of Ubisoft's conference.

      New Drinking game: Down the entire bottle of the strongest spirit, every day, for a year if Fallout 4 is a "Timed exclusive on PS4/Xbone"

      We've created the largest and most sandbox like sandbox that even your small children and cat can't tell the difference

        Coming soon to Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter "Sandbox: The sandbox simulator, box"

    "Our game will actually work on the release date"

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      I'd be happy with "Our game MAY work on release date"

    I'm genuinely certain we will see Project Trico (Previously The Last Guardian) this year, teaser at E3, reveal at TGS.

    Super stoked for Doom + Star Wars Battlefront though.

      The Doom beta to be released the day after E3, I might be tempted to be 'sick' to play a demo :D

        I suspect this will be the case.

      My complete E3 predictions I put up on GAF a few weeks back:

      Bethesda (Sunday)
      - The Elder Scrolls Online (Sales stats + trailer for upcoming expansions)
      - The Evil Within Game of The Year Edition announced
      - Dishonored II (Teaser)
      - Doom (Extensive stage demo, June beta announcement + release October 2015) (I actually have an internal source for this)
      - Fallout 4 (Extensive stage demo + release window 2016)
      - New IP (Teaser)

      Sony (Monday)
      - Uncharted 4 (Story trailer + release date Q1/Q2 2016)
      - PS4 sales figures
      - PS4 gets a price drop
      - Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (Trailer + release date Q3 2015)
      - Rime (Trailer + release date Q3 2015)
      - The Witness (Trailer + release date Q3 2015)
      - Playstation Now is rolling out worldwide Q1 2016
      - Indie montage for PS Vita/PS4
      - Day of The Tentacle Special Edition (Trailer + release window Q1 2016)
      - Project Morpheus (demo and release window 2016)
      - Sony Bend’s open-world horror game (Gameplay demo/trailer hybrid on Project Morpheus)
      - No Man’s Sky (Trailer + release date Q4 2015, is Project Morpheus compatible)
      - Gravity Rush 2 (Trailer, more at TGS + release date Q1 2016)
      - Gran Turismo 7 (Teaser + release window 2016)
      - Bloodborne DLC (new 1x chalice dungeon + story content) (Trailer + release month)
      - Destiny DLC (Trailer + release date Q3 2015)
      - Until Dawn (Launch trailer + release date for two weeks after E3)
      - God of War 3 Remastered (Trailer, releases July 14th/16th)
      - Dragon Quest Heroes (Trailer + release date Q4 2015)
      - WiLD (Demo + Release window Q3/4 2016)
      - Project Horizon (Teaser trailer, No release window)
      - Level-5 Project (Ni No Kuni 2) (Teaser trailer, no release window, more at TGS)
      - Persona 5 (Update + possible gameplay trailer, more at TGS)
      - Project Trico (Teaser Trailer, more at TGS, releases in Q4 2015) (Yes, I am saying that this will probably happen.)

      Nintendo (Tuesday)
      - Animal Crossing U (Trailer + release window early 2016)
      - Discussion about Animal Crossing and announcement of Animal Crossing Amiibo
      - Announcement of release months for remaining Amiibo
      - Smash Bros character DLC (Snake or Shovel Knight, or both)
      - Mother 3 is coming to Virtual Console to celebrate Lucas’ arrival in Smash Bros
      - GBA and SNES Virtual Console titles coming to New Nintendo 3DS
      - Super Metroid 2 (3DS) (Trailer + release date November 20th 2015)
      - Another major Wii title (Either Twilight Princess or Super Mario Galaxy 1) is coming to New 3DS (Gameplay demo + no release date)
      - Pokemon X-2/Y-2 (Trailer + release November 2015)
      - Mario Maker (Demo + release date Q3 2015)
      - DeNA Mobile games previewed and one is released the day of E3 Presentation (also shown at WWDC)
      - Devil’s Third (Short trailer + release date August 2015)
      - Fatal Frame: Shrine of The Black Haired Maiden (Demo + release date October 2015)
      - Xenoblade Chronicles X (English trailer and release October 2015)
      - Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Story trailer)
      - Starfox (Extensive demo with Miyamoto + release date November 20th (US), November 21st (AU/EU) 2015)
      - Fire Emblem (Demo + release window Early 2016)
      - Retro Studios Project (Not Metroid) (Gameplay trailer + release window Q4 2016) (Will be the final Wii U title)
      - The Legend of Zelda is not shown but hinted and jabbed at in other segments during presentation.

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        If your Bethesda and Sony predictions are accurate, I will be a happy man.

        Also, I wouldn't discount Sony bringing Tim Schafer up to the stage to talk about Grim, Day of the Tentacle, and if they wanted everything to explode, a Full Throttle remaster.

        I wouldn't be surprised if some announcements for Destiny and Grand Theft Auto DLC get made at the Sony conference too.

    Fallout 4 otherwise it will be the biggest gaming troll in history.
    Halo 5
    SW Battlefront (very cautious about this one)

    Hyped for EA's updates on:

    1. Mirror's Edge;
    2. Battlefront;
    3. Mass Effect.

    Hyped for Sony on:

    1. The Last Guardian;
    2. Uncharted 4;
    3. Morpheus;

    Hyped for Square Enix on:

    1. Deus Ex;
    2. FF15;

    Hyped for Bethesda on:

    1. Dishonored 2

    Hyped for Sega on:

    1. Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 3rd

    Hyped for Gearbox on:

    1. Borderlands 3

    ...and so on.

    Just give me a new Elder Scrolls game already...or re-do Skyrim for current gen.

    Though new Mass Effect has got me happy dancing.

    I will be disappointed if there aren't one or two studios trying to pass off something as "Never been done before" with the under breath comment of "If you've hopefully forgotten that time everyone tried it and it didn't work". Alternately, it will end up just being something done before but with a slight variation so they can claim it's new.

    I'm also totally (transl. not really) looking forward to all the "exclusives" which are just timed exclusives. Oh, and who wouldn't be excited about all the promises that the latest always online game won't have any problems on anyone's internet connection and there is absolutely no way it could have an offline component?

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    How about a decent Terminator game? C'mon Bethesda! BEYOND FUTURESHOCK!

    waiting on NFS, No mans sky,

    I would like, ANY, space games, city building games, MMOs,

    Last edited 26/05/15 12:48 pm

      space games, MMO's im guessing you already know about star citizen then and to a lesser extent Elite dangerous.

    I'm hoping for a fallout announcement.

    That and I'm keen to see some of the new Doom, which I assume they'll show

    Obviously some exciting new IP's would be my main request. Sequels I want announced are Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 and Spelunky 2.

    My predicted headline after watching the latest m.productions metroid news vid:
    "Metroid dread for 3ds & a newly announced metroid prime style game for the wiiu"

    Press releases and announcements about sizzlers in anticipation of teasers in anticipation of trailers in anticipation of announcements in anticipation of launch trailers in anticipation of actual launches.


    Last edited 26/05/15 1:41 pm

    Just for once I'd love to see a major publisher announce something, and then announce that it'll be in stores next week, rather than give us 18 months of drowning in bullshots and preorder guff.

      The only way that happens is with something that's online only... like PT was.

    Just hoping I don't have to skip through too many trailers/cinematics.

    I really don't understand why companies still use them at all.

    Drinking game: anytime anyone mentions the word exclusive... just keep drinking.

    Last edited 26/05/15 4:39 pm

    All I want from Sony is a bloody official media remote for the PS4. Microsoft: I wouldn't be surprised if the X1 slim is announced. Nintendo: I'm sure they will show some mario game or something.

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