What Happens When Dark Souls 2 Bosses Duel Each Other?

YouTube user Benzoin-Gum used the powers of the Dark to pit Dark Souls 2's bosses against each other in a Drangleic celebrity deathmatch. The result? A lot of clipping, a lot of poise, and very little defence.

It's so odd seeing these huge attacks not stun the recipient, but that's poise for you. These fights really illustrate how little each boss defends themselves, and how weak they are when out of their element. Dammit, Lost Sinner, your home is in the dark! You need your poison, Mytha!

I wonder which boss would win out of the entire franchise? Aside from the Old One, of course. I've got $10 on Storm King.


    More evidence of what I've observed and played since Demons first came out.
    And that is the Souls series and Bloodborne have atrocious AI. It is staggeringly obvious when playing the game or watching youtube videos of the game.

    AI is nearly completely sacrificed at the alter of tension - the tension of being hit by a heavy attack.
    Almost all enemies commit ludicrous suicidal/kamikaze heavy attacks that always leave them open for the easy/open kill - or if the enemy has enough health - the easy/open hit.
    AI is missing because the whole DNA of the Souls series identity is Tension.
    That doesn't mean the AI enemies has to be abysmal.

    I can't stand playing the games for long mainly because of that reason.

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