What If Half-Life 3 Didn't Star Gordon Freeman...

What If Half-Life 3 Didn't Star Gordon Freeman...

Briefly: After all these years assuming we'd be finishing Gordon's story, would the internet be ready for this? Actually, who cares, because this would be pretty great. Wake up and smell the ashes, Alyx...

Picture: Grobi-Grafik (via spyrale)

What If Half-Life 3 Didn't Star Gordon Freeman...


    I think I would be more interested in this than a game featuring Gordon as the main character again...maybe a game where Gordon is missing after HL2 and Alyx picks up the gravity gun and the trusty crowbar and takes the mantle of the hero.

    Woah...I would leave my wife for her...


      My wife would leave me for her...


    Maybe Half-Life 4... I've been waiting years to see 'the end' of Gordon's story, Alyx's story can wait a little bit longer.

    She's looking rather pale.

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      You know that was my first thought as well.

      Alyx's parents are African and Asian...... this pumpkin-spice-latte version is a little odd.

    Ah, Luke. I'll let this one slide because Half-Life.

    I think it would be an excellent spin for HL3. Gordon Freeman is still in the game, but you play as Alyx alongside him.

    I mean... it'd be nice to hear the protagonist speak for once.

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