What's Your Worst Rage Quitting Story?

What's Your Worst Rage Quitting Story?

Sometimes that boss just WON'T go down. Or there's some really annoying kid on your team who won't stop killing you for some reason? Maybe it was a glitch that did it. Whatever your story is, you rage quit. And you rage quit hard.

Rage quitting isn't just putting the controller down and deciding to call it quits for a day. It's about getting completely overwhelmed by something completely obnoxious. We've probably all been there. You hit your limit and...then what happened? Did you break your controller? Go Office Space on your Xbox?

I'm not much of a rage quitter, or a quitter at all really. I'll just push through and rage play instead. Even the closest times I've come to rage quitting have been pretty innocuous. But surely you all have stories to top my non-story. Hit me with them!


    I bit my PS2 controller once. Hard. In a fit of rage, I restrained myself from throwing it - instead I just bit down on it. Right on the middle between the grips. Can't for the life of me remember what game it was, but for years after the imprint of my teeth on the controller made for a great conversation starter.

      My brother once bit down hard on one of our SNES controllers, right next to the main face buttons, leaving an imprint of his teeth on the controller for all eternity.

      This was also a guy that would ALWAYS reset the SNES in a 2 player game of Mario Bros if he didn't get as far as he wanted to on his first life, even if he was player 2, and player 1 had had a good run first up. He didn't care, he only cared about his progress, so would always reset it if it didn't go as he planned. He also completely ragequit Mortal Kombat II after we worked out how to beat his Liu Kang fireball spam. He loved it when he was winning and we couldn't find a way around it, but once we could consistently beat him, he was done with the game forever. In fact he more or less gave up video games completely at that point.

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      I don't know why biting controllers is such a rage response, but I've done it too.

        It was the only response I could come up with since I developed the self restraint to not throw the controller. These days I spot rage signs and quit early, but it rarely gets that far. Worst I ever do is just swear and drop the controller.

        Pretty normal aggressive behaviour, and it's easier to bite a controller than it is a screen :P

      My old Atari 2600 controllers are covered in teeth marks, but that's just because the rubber parts were rather pleasant to chew on when I was 7...

        Pretty sure mine had a similar experience. Think the dog might've chewed the end of the joystick on one, from memory.

    Dark Souls - 2 big guys with big bows up on balconies... you have to run up a thin stone ramp.
    I must have been knocked off and killed at least 30 times, back to a start point that was way too far away. First and last time I broke a controller …

    Funny enough it‘s a section I no longer have any problems with – at that time I just wasn’t in the right head space..

      I love getting a mate to play dark souls then wait till they are at this point *evil laugh*

      Edit: I have had this account for a few years now and still every post I make pends moderation until the post is dead. What gives?

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      Ahh Anor Londo. Fond memories.

      I must admit though, I'm not skilled at Souls games and always lose invasions etc. But bosses/ terrain navigation I normally only need 2 tries. Even the Bloodstarved beast. But like I say, I'm not actually skilled. It's weird.

      Except for Sen's Fortress. Fkn bomb throwing guy always knocks me right off.

    Driv3r. My mental health declined rapidly during my childhood because of that game. Many controllers were destroyed in that time.

    When I was 6 I was playing the Incredible Hulk on the Sega Megadrive. I got so peeved at the difficulty of one section, and at my friends around me giving me crap for not being able to beat a boss.
    I got so angry I threw the controller at the floor, at my friends foot, as a reaction to the controller hitting his foot he kicked out and the controller flew up into my face, shattered one of my front teeth and split my lip open.

    TL;DR Hulked out playing the hulk, ended up with a broken tooth and a split lip.

    Had a few rage outs in my gaming time, a few notable ones are:

    Punched computer tower during counter-strike beta days (dial-up connection ) lag issues. Hard disk was mounted on the inside to the front of the tower, as punch impacted, hard disk made the worst sound ever, computer stopped working, lost all the data on it.

    Threw ps2 controller at console, during a mission in GTA3, died or car exploded right at the end. Controller then followed suite and exploded into a million pieces.

    Ninja Gaiden on original xbox, lost 2 controllers by rage twisting them to breaking point in my hands. So many bullshit deaths, never finished it. Fuck that fucking game.

    Good times.

      Ah Ninja Gaiden. Somehow I beat Elma but I couldn't beat the bloody tank. Even worse, people said it was the easiest boss of the game.

    Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars in Aus). There was a water level and the boss at the end was some sort of boat thing. You would shoot bits off and he kept using this crane thing to pick them up and put back on. I had beat the game so many times but hadn't played it for ages and had forgotten the trick to beating him. Got real pissed off and thumped my knee in rage a few times, then the arm of the couch when that started hurting.

    Eventually beat him and carried on.

    My brother and I finally got the medals on every level and unlocked multiplayer on foot battles. That and unlocking TT in Diddy Kong Racing are some of our greatest unlocking achievements.

      HAHA Diddy Kong racing was frustrating !

        I didn't mind that one too much. Some of those bosses were a pain in the butt at times, but I did beat it multiple times.
        And I even beat the hard mode too. Those darn coins!

    I'm in Tina's corner on this one. I can't recall ever rage quitting. I'm too mild tempered for anything like that. The worst thing I can remember doing is swearing or just dropping the controller to the floor in disgust.

    Every Dota 2 Match =P

    Well that main one that comes to mind (and i think i've posted previously but whatever) was fighting the final boss from Guild Wars Nightfall, having spent days trying to beat him and i was so angry i punched the nearby wooden wall until my fist bled.

    Very surprising that was the only game really because some of my childhood games were brutal, i'm looking at you Ninja Gaiden and X-Com!

    Quake 3 Team Arena.

    I played it on and off for a while, before one day deciding to clock it. Maxed out the difficulty, got all the way up to the final 1v1 with Xaero, and got creamed. I mean, 10 - 2 absolutely demolished, over and over again. I don't know how many times that guy wiped the floor with me - but it was alot.

    So, I was on the verge of surrendering, when I had the game. The game where my shots landed. 'This is it', I thought, 'this is my time!'. So it gets up to 9-9, next kill wins. I'm pumped...

    And from literally the other side of the map, Xaero pulls off a bullshit 1-shot kill with the railgun. No shit - he was about as far away on the map as it's possible to get, across a wide gulf - it was an impossible shot. Once again, I was defeated.

    Then, in a fit of rage, I popped the CD tray and snapped the disk in half. Not one of my prouder moments - Xaero had defeated me forever.

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      He was brutal with the railgun on nightmare!

    Came close to breaking a controller over crappy autosaving in Force Unleashed. But i actually broke my GBA playing Mario Kart. Hello screen meet my knee. It was hard explaining that to my folks.

    I’m not much of a rage quitter, or a quitter at all really. I’ll just push through and rage play instead.

    I'm much the same, and it's to my detriment at times.

    If I'm on a losing streak in an online game, Starcraft for example or even Smash Bros, I'll keep playing until I get a win. I don't want to end my play session on a loss. If I'm stuck on a specific point in a game or I keep dying or whatever, I'll yell obscenities at the TV but I won't quit, I'll keep playing until I beat that damn part of the game.

    It's pretty easy to lose track of time this way. I'll get completely obsessed and before I know it my wife comes in at 2am in the morning and asks if I'm planning on coming to bed anytime soon.

    I only really play hard games. So there's a lot of frustration. But I'm much better than I used to be.

    Probably the worst time was with Street Fighter 4. Beaten again. I knew I had to break something. I had a coffee cup next to me. So I picked it up and threw it at the cupboard.

    Well I don't know what that cup was made of but it was fine. Put a hole clean through the cupboard though. I had to blu-tac a poster over it. Noone found out for years!

    But it was about then I realised I had a rage problem. So I stopped drinking coffee before playing. That helped a surprising amount! I'm embarassed now when I think of it. All the screamed swear words, my neighbours must think I'm a maniac behind closed doors.

    At least I eventually woke up to myself. I smashed a controller once too. But that's another story...

    It wasn't so much my rage quitting as it was my brother's: he threw down his Megadrive controller after I beat him at NHL ('93'?) and broke the 'C' button. It was never quite the same, the button worked but you couldn't 'click' it anymore. To this day we still talk about it, 20 years later.

    My friend was playing a game of NBA 2K13, and his team mate decided to go on his phone in the dying seconds of the game and subsequently lost it for them. My normally placid friend managed to pop out the entire rumble motor assembly out of his PS3 controller as he slammed it on the ground, but the kicker was that there was no hole/crack left.

    The controller had flexed so much in that instant that it allowed the motor to escape, before closing up as if nothing had happened.

    I never rage quit much. When I did Modern Warfare 2 on the ps3 online I quit angrily a few times because I was irritated with too many 10 year olds mucking about on my team. But it think the worst rage quit I was a part of came from my brother. We constantly fought over 'computer time' and who's turn it was next, that at one point we were actually facing off in a match of Mortal Kombat 3. I think we were both fired up that day and at some point he punched me right in the face before rage quitting. Can't remember if it was because he lost or I lost and started swearing.
    Had a fat lip for the rest of the week. Great

    Not really "rage quitting" but there have been frequent times when playing any of the "FromSoft" games that I have just said "F#$K it" and switched off the console and walked away. I always come back to it though... and man it feels good when I get past those areas!!!

    Dirt 2 Cat and mouse match got rammed into a fence 100m from the finish was gamming with my mate @blackdahlianz and he heard the tirade I unleashed that was pretty embarrassing.

    My most spectacular rage quit resulted in me getting knocked out cold.

    It was triggered by my mate scoring a totally bullshit goal in ISS Pro 98. I threw my controller across the room and dived towards the PlayStation's off button. Except I misjudged the dive and slammed head-first into the corner of my parent's coffee table. Woke up around ten minutes later. The collision looked so brutal that my mate didn't even get to laugh.

    I'm not much for rage quitting, but a mate of mine was the worst. He must have broken 15 N64 controllers (not to mention the time he pushed his TV off the stand on to the floor mid game) over a game that I just didn't understand. Snowboard Kids. Probably worth mentioning, we were in our twenties at the time and he paid for everything he broke.

      I was about to ask how you could rage at Snowboard Kids, and then I remembered Shinobi.

      Screw that little cheating shit.

        I really liked snowboard kids, but man do I suck at it now.

    Couple of examples spring to mind:

    1. When I was younger (a lot younger) maybe around 5-6, my brother and I would play Double Dragon on NES together. He would always want to the VS mode against me, and no matter what I did...I lost to him. Every time. I begged him with tears in my eyes to let me just win ONCE! But no, in traditional older brother fashion, he beat me time and time again. Sooo...after months of this, I was absolutely at my end andI punched him in the face and ran!

    2. Demon Souls...bought the game after hearing great things. "I like a challenge" i told myself when purchasing it. Took it home, unwrapped it, popped it in my PS3. Played for about 30 minutes and died about 30 times. Eventually, ejected the disk, Frisbee threw it across the room and when it hit the wall, it smashed into a mass of pieces. The worst part is that I was so angry but in traditional PS3 style, when I hit the eject button, it took about 10 seconds to eject the disk and that made it worse!

    So yeah...I have anger issues....WHAT....YOU WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT!?!?!?

      Oh wow... Double Dragon on the NES.

      I remember trying to take out my bro's ABOBO using ROPER and BILLY and he would decimate me every time as well. Although i reckon now i would kill it if i tried now. This was way before Street Fighter 2 and those complex move sets. :P good times.

      Number 1, big time. I'm the older brother in my situation, but now, my younger brother schools me at everything. I recently beat him 3 times in a row in smash for the first time ever though.

    I don't tend to ragequit completely, I'll ragequit for a temporary break (that can be anywhere up to like months or years) but I don't like being defeated by a bloody VIDEO GAME so I tend to come back, eventually.

    Dark Souls 2 caused many trips to Jb-hifi or EBs to replace broken controllers. The worst one was on Xmas day i lost a 2 player race in Top Gear Rally N64 and laid back in defeat still holding the control and pulled the N64 off the table onto slate floor and broke the thing. Mum was not impressed.

    I generally toss my controller aside when I'm getting pissed. Dark Souls did this to me a few times when I felt it got cheap.
    I also fire up when playing dota and lag out. (Stupid housemates torrenting).
    But my best story isn't of me but watching my best mate try to play Demon Souls and dying over and over only to get to the first boss and die again. He threw his ps3 control against the wall in disgust breaking it in the process and never played the game again.

    Playing the 'Can't Handle This' arcade match in TimeSplitters 2. It was that one where they just throw Handyman at you and you just have a Tommy Gun. I just could not pass that level. No matter how many times I tried I never even got the bronze medal and one day I just turned off the PS2 and walked away. Goddamn Hands.

    My raging tends to be triggered by speedruns that I narrowly miss on, like Driveclub fast laps or time trials in Mirror's Edge. The first few times are OK, because I figure that I'm still learning the route or whatever, but when I've got the route down and am having a great run, then stuff up, that's when I get super frustrated at myself. I need to stop playing at that point and play something else or at least a different track/race.

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