X-Wing, Crysis Devs Want To Make A New Space Shooter

X-Wing, Crysis Devs Want To Make A New Space Shooter

The creators of STARFIGHTER INC say their game is "a hardcore team-based PvP multiplayer space shooter in the vein of X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter". And they should know.

One of the co-founders of developer Impeller Studios, David Wessman, worked at Lucasarts' on the X-Wing series, first as a mission designer, then as gameplay and story lead on X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. The game's creative director, meanwhile, is Jack Mamais, who was lead designer on both Far Cry and Crysis.

Sadly, despite the launch of a Kickstarter, there's not much to actually see of STARFIGHTER INC. Just promises that it's going to be based on "hard science" (so, proper momentum and turns in space), will have VR support and that it won't just be dogfighting, with missions requiring teamwork and planning.


    A hardcore space shooter sim made in CryEngine. So...Star Citizen minus most of the additional features, then?

      Maybe this will be an actual game rather than a future case study for software engineering studets learning about feature creep.

        I suppose that's meant to be a dig at Star Citizen, but it's off the mark. They've been putting out modules the way they said they would during the Kickstarter campaign. Arena Commander is out, Squadron 42 is in development. What features do you think have crept in to the game?

          I'm an SC backer, it still doesn't look like it will be finished in my lifetime. I'd prefer them to drop half the modules and concentrate on getting the game done.

            The game is made up of the modules they're developing though, that's basically how they're working towards the final product. Hangar and dogfighting modules are both components of the final game, they're just made available separately as they go.

            I wouldn't object if they pushed the planetside module until after release though, honestly. The FPS module could be delayed too though it seems pretty important to their plans for boarding parties (aside: Starfighter Inc. apparently also plans to include boarding in one of its stretch goals, does that mean they plan to include an FPS element too?)

      Os Star Citizen, except with features that work and might get finished.

        Star Citizen works fine for me, what features are in the current modules that don't work for you?

    So... they're taking a beloved singleplayer franchise and making a spiritual successor to it that is multiplayer only...


    US$16 for the game? I'll back that, even if it ends up vapourising.

    Multi-Seats Ships – You drive, I’ll shoot. Players can jump into the pilot seat while a buddy mans the turret, optimizes the ship’s performance, or manages countermeasures, electronic warfare systems or drones.

    This I can see being a big hit with friends.

    Last edited 07/05/15 9:59 am

    Awesome sauce, I'll be backing this but ... nothing Elite Dangerous doesn't or will have by this games release.

    Backed, but come on.....$17,000,000 stretch goal?!?!?

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