Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Built Through Sheer Willpower

Iwata Asks is back. It's been too long. This time he's talking about Xenoblade Chronicles X. Sounds like the game's development was fairly intense.

And Iwata kicks off the interview by talking about the development process, with a couple of possibly passive aggressive jabs at how long the game took to make. But then asks seriously about the endurance of the team, and how they managed to complete Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Iwata: Just by watching the footage released for Xenoblade Chronicles X, I was overwhelmed and surprised at the denseness and richness of the game. How did your staff manage to work through to the very end?

Kojima: Quite simply, each staff member's willpower. Iwata Ah... Kojima We all made it through without giving up or falling out. That is all.

Iwata: So that richness was created by the staff's motivation and willpower.

Kojima: Right. We're a group created by motivation and willpower. Large parts of the staff at Monolith Soft are the kind of people who are determined to pull through once something is decided. They are all so faithful to their duties that cutting corners wasn't an option.

Iwata: So they really dislike slacking or half-hearted work.

Kojima: The majority of the staff has a strong belief that once something is determined or started, it should be completed to its fullest potential.

Despite essentially being marketing, I've always loved Iwata Asks, mainly because Iwata — obviously — has better access to developers and more leeway to ask whatever he wants. Typically the developers will be willing to say and discuss different topics as well. Fans of the Xenoblade series should head over ASAP.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was released in Japan earlier this week. The game doesn't have an official release date in the west, but should hit Australia before the end of the year.


    That's where Kojima works now!

    Would love to see a review or some feedback on this game, have seen it in stores thinking to myself; do I, or do I save the money.. Hmm

      Nope, you have seen Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii (and so to be 3DS)

      Xenoblade Chronicles X is different and is not released yet. It is for WiiU

        For those who are unaware, the 3DS version is for the recently released NEW 3DS only.

          Yeah I have the NEW 3DS XL - and this would be the first game I would have even purchased since owning it at release - kinda sad.

          Only reason I got the new one was A - it was cheap B - it ran Pokemon X/Y also ;)

          I swear I own more nintendo consoles then I do games at the moment which is a bit of a sorry story in its own - but I have 3 games staring me in the eyes when I walk into game shops that I simply cant decide between:

          - Bravely Default
          - Xenoblade Chronicles
          - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

          It hurts my brain trying to decide... they all look like fun but big time investments which I currently have very little of.

      There's quite a few gameplay videos of the recently released Japanese version on youtube

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