20th Anniversary Accessories To Go With The PS4 You Didn't Get

20th Anniversary Accessories To Go With The PS4 You Didn't Get

If you were lucky enough to acquire one of the 12,300 limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles, then has Sony got the accessories for you! Otherwise, here's some grey stuff.

Tweeted last night after Sony's exciting 2015 E3 press conference, the $US64.99 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 and the $US99.99 20th Anniversary Gold Wireless Headset would have just brought the whole affair down with their grayness. "Wow! The Last Guardian! Final Fantasy VII remake! Shenmue 3! Best conf...oh nevermind, grey controller."

Having used both of these products in other colours, I recommend them to anyone who'd like grey things connecting wirelessly to their PlayStation 4.


    Yeah, we'll be getting one of these. I was hoping they'd do this!

    $100AUD for the controller? No thanks EB. Sure I can find it cheaper online.

      Standard rrp price for ps4 controller :(. Won't find it much cheaper around

      Cheapest I've ever seen a DS4 is $78, and that was after looking around for days and days. If you want one of the 20th ones I doubt you'll find much cheap.

    Those headsets are terrible!
    Don't waste your money.

    Terrible sound quality and very uncomfortable for extended use (1hr +)

      But they look good and that's all "we" gamers care about, everybody know that.

        I have it and it looks like crap. Cheaply made and cheap feel too. Sound is good though, imo

        Last edited 16/08/15 5:16 pm

      Mine felt fine? Granted it can be quite uncomfortable during summer due to the cup material

    You know what else would be good? More 20th Anniversary PS4s.

    I won number 6314 in december but was disappointed with only one controller... will be glad to add one later this year. If the sound of the headset is bad, I'll skip probably, though that would make my 20th anniversary set complete save for the camera stand that I didn't get.

    $88 at Jb-Hifi.

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