21 Minutes Of Super Mario Maker Being Absolutely Insane

Super Mario Maker is fast becoming my most anticipated game of 2015. It is absolutely insane.

It's insane to the point where I'm continually shocked that Nintendo is going ahead with it. It's letting loose the hounds of hell and I don't think anyone is going to be prepared for what happens next.

This 21 minute video is a small insight into the madness that will no doubt come. Seriously: people made a first person shooter using the Trials track creator, what do you think is going to happen when Nintendo gives us the tools to make our own Mario levels? Armageddon must surely be upon us. They're going to summon Pinhead from Hellraiser with this video game.

Truly we are living in the end times.


    To be honest, I don't really see the appeal in this. It's basically a level editor. Is there something I am missing?

      It's a level editor for a game which has not had one in thirty years of truly excellent level design. There's a LOT of pent up levels swirling around the now multi-generational fan-verse which are busting to get out.

      Also, the combo system is amazing.

      fanboys will be fanboys and eat up anything Nintendo throws at them.
      Even a $400 overpriced updated Wii with shit all games.

        I've got a pretty solid library of top tier games for it. Not sure what your issue is.

      It comes with something like 100 levels (I can't quite remember, but it was a lot) built in. So I guess it's sort of a new 2D mario game with an awesome level editor. Not my cup of tea either really (would've preferred a Wii U equivalent to Mario Galaxy), but I can understand the appeal.

    Aw man. Around 9:20 there, on the red Bullet Bills and Chain Chomps, they're doing pixel rotation. I hate when things do that.

    The point of axing the bridge down is for bowser to fall in.

    8:10 is great. Feck this game, exit course

    Also to darren, it is basically little big planet mario. You are right in the sense that it is just a level editor but the way in which the levels are shared is what plays into the excitement. The idea that you get home and you have a whole new game to play.

    There are going to be SO many penises for kotaku to write about!

    It was my most anticipated game before it was cool ;).
    You do realize that you can do all this for free on PC, then patch it onto a super mario world 3 rom. Same for metroid.
    I'm still pumped :D

    A whole new game of penises everywhere :P It's not like the majority of the new levels are gonna be "good Mario levels". Let's hope they manage to steer the voting and make it easy to actually find the good ones!

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