23 Minutes Of Battleborn Being Shooty And Colourful

I feel sorry for Battleborn. It sucks to choose a name that sounds like two other video games squashed together. That's truly unfortunate.

It's especially unfortunate because I'm really warming to the high concept: a first-person shooter with MOBA elements. It's kinda genius really.

And Battleborn just looks really fluid, rewarding and fun. Yes I used the 'f' word, but it's applicable here. I was never the biggest fan of Borderlands and its tone. Just not for me. But transposing all that Gearbox knows about shooters (a lot) into this fairly unique concept seems like a winning formula.

I wonder if it'll get lost in all the Overwatch/Dota/LoL fervour. I hope not. It looks really promising.


    No, Mom, you idiot! I have "Bloodstorm" and "Bone Squad" and "Bloodstorm II." Stupid.

    Last edited 29/06/15 1:24 pm

    I await the mobile ripoff; Warbirth.

    "Olfrid, patron of the great Clan Battle-Born, a name I'm sure you know well."

    This game is horrible. Don't even beta test it, I just got done and what a pile of garbage this game is.

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