40 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V In Action

As a fully fledged Metal Gear Solid apologist, I found it a little disheartening that Metal Gear Solid V was lost in the mix. It feels as though this Metal Gear Solid is the least heavily anticipated as any of the major releases.

But I'm still super excited for it. Less because of the kooky storyline, which is just flat out ridiculous at this point, more because of the brilliantly crafted environments, wonderfully consistent AI and well-balanced stealth.

All that being said — IGN has a 40 minute walkthrough of the game, which I'm just about to watch right now. I thought you all might be interested to join me.


    Eeewww, filthy IGN video player. Also I'm not going to watch because I'll likely get the game when it releases. It is a shame that it seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit among the other big game releases this year. I'm sure it'll be a really bittersweet game too, being Kojima's last MGS.

      Youtube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSutdOz3piE

    40 minutes? Is this just the first cut scene?


    After you've watched the video, ask yourself this question: Which tune would you choose for your entry into/exit from each mission?

    Final Countdown blaring out as you chopper in would be epic...but Hall & Oates - Maneater would do. :D

    I hope Kojima added Flight of the Valkyries. hehe

      Ride of the Valkyries is in Ground Zeroes so I'd wager it'll be in this one.

      Personally I'm hoping for Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball.

      Final Countdown was my first thought too. That blaring as I'm firing back at a wave of enemies while my chopper descends sounds like GOTY material!

      Maneater is in! They play it during the video which I caved and watched haha

        So hang on - there's an 80's soundtrack?

        Also when is that Donna Burke song coming out? The only song I can think of that has ever been subjected to the same 3 year tease period we get with games!

          I know right, been holding out for the final iteration of Sins of the Father since it first debuted.

      man, all i could think of is long tall sally by little richard. was recorded in 56' so i doubt it. but damn id use the sh1t out of that song.

    Wait.. In MGS3 Snake could speak Russian fluently, but he can't even understand Russian in this game? I'm also very sad they kept the fulton recovery mechanic as balloon kidnapping kills my immersion.

    Is anyone else a bit disappointed about the move to open world? I can't help but feel like the core narrative is going to get lost amongst a bunch of (admittedly interesting-looking) side quests.

    I can't help but feel concerned that the majority of the demos/previews for MGSV have been set in Afghanistan. Is the majority of the story taking place here? I hope not, for I would like to see a variety of different environments and locations, like with MGSIV

      There's 2 confirmed locations that they've shown so far (not counting the hospital opening, which is likely in Cyprus); Afghanistan and Middle Africa (specifically the Congo, I believe), with a third hinted at recently. There may be even more than that; Kojima has always been pretty good at hiding things until the game drops.

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