8 Things To Do Before Warlords Of Draenor's Massive Patch Hits

Eight Things To Do Before Warlords of Draenor's Massive Patch Hits

Patch 6.2 is shaping up nicely in World of Warcraft's test realms, and while there's no release date yet, it should be out in the next few weeks. It will be one of the biggest content patches Blizzard ever made for the game, including a new max level zone, naval missions, a new raid, a new dungeon difficulty and "Timewalking mode". So a little preparation won't hurt.

YouTuber Asmongold has a few tips for that. They're all general ones, and might be useful even for players who dropped the game after reaching level 100, but now wanna come back for the new content.

Here's a breakdown of all the tips from Asmongold's video:

  1. Cap out on Apexis Crystals. In Warlords of Draenor, the main currency besides gold is Apexis, and it will be even more important in patch 6.2. Gear, mounts, pets, and new followers are all available for these Crystals. There's even a new flying mount (the perfect thing for an expansion where flying is disabled) for 150,000 crystals. The cap right now is 60,000 and reaching it means you can immediately buy a lot of stuff in Tanaan Jungle.

  2. Get 1,000 Pet Charms. New rewards are added to the Pet Menagerie in patch 6.2. These can be bought with Pet Charms, so if you care about Pet Battles, you need somewhere around a 1,000 of these to buy all the different new rewards.

  3. Build a level 2 Mage Tower. As mentioned above, after the patch, you'll need Apexis Crystals more than ever. Building a Mage Tower in your Garrison will let your create work orders that reward extra crystals.

  4. Reroll your followers' abilities to "Treasure Hunter" or "Scavenger". Instead of more follower content, in patch 6.2 we'll go on naval missions, so everything in there, except gold and Garrison Resources, will be pretty much useless. To make the best use of the followers, reroll their abilities to Scavenger, which increases resources gained from a mission by 100% and Treasure Hunter, which increases gold gained from a mission by 100%.

  5. Save "Rush Work Orders" scrolls. Save as much of these items as possible. The output of work orders in all Garrison buildings are doubled in 6.2. Rush Work Order scrolls allow instant completion of five work orders so using these when the patch is live will be more efficient.

  6. Get caught up with the Legendary Ring quest. The Legendary Ring's going to get an upgrade again so there's no reason not to do the quest chain if you haven't done it yet.

  7. Stock up crafting materials. New crafting levels are added in the patch, and the new powerful items are using the same materials as the current ones. It will be much easier to make gold on the Auction House if you have the materials and can craft the new items right away.

  8. Don't worry about gear. The new patch is sort of a soft reset for gear. iIt'll be relatively easy to get much better items (around item level 695) compared to the current ones. So don't spend Apexis Crystals or gold on the Auction House or at the vendors for gear, just wait for the patch.


    My personal list was a little shorter:
    1. Unsubscribe.
    2. Play Final Fantasy XIV instead.

    Also I kinda disagree with you #1. I'll admit I haven't been paying a huge amount of attention to 6.2 but my understanding was that the crystals were now essentially worthless.
    You still need them for the flying mount that you can't fly but the gear is so overpriced it's a waste of time IIRC.

      +1 for FFXIV suggestion
      Because fuck WoW. That's why.

    Too long between major patches this xpac and definitely not enough to do. Compared to the set of dailies you could enjoy in MoP, WoD is practically barren with little tasks like that.

      A barren? WoW isnt just about dailies.
      People i have spoken to said the dailies in mist were too much.

      Im glad the dailies were cut down, it started feeling like a chore and not a game. Gives me time to level alts.

        The dailies in MOP were definitely too much.
        The problem with WOW is not enough oportunity for interaction between characters. Back in lich king everyone horde and ally would hang out in dalaran, then it went back to segregated zones, now your just playing a multiplayer game alone in your garrison...... at least with the dailys you had something you could share with guildmates etc. THe firelands dailies i think were some of the best, with the areas that unlocked as you completed them a certain number of times. It made it fresh and gave you a reason to keep doing it.

    I just wish they'd introduce some form of 'hard mode' levelling.

    I'd love to slowly work my way through the levels again. But last time I tried, it was kinda ridiculous.

      That and change heirlooms.... I like tanking but every alt i'm trying to level has a party of heirloomed alts that are basically "GOGOGOGO PEWPEWPEWPEW".

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