A New Monster Hunter Was Just Announced, Looks Amazing

A New Monster Hunter Was Just Announced, Looks Amazing

In a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation today, Capcom announced a new Monster Hunter for 3DS: Monster Hunter X. It debuted with a pretty incredible trailer:

There's a lot for Monster Hunter fans to get excited about here. There appear to be new special moves for pretty much every weapon shown, and they are EXTREMELY flashy. Capcom also appears to have sexed up the traditionally rather unsexy gunner role. I'm pretty sure I saw some new weapons, as well as new ways to use existing ones - at one point a hunter sticks what looks like the Insect Glaive into the ground, and there's also a hunter vaulting over the back of a Rathian and SHOOTING DOWN ON ITS BACK, which is very cool indeed. The action seems faster and more ostentatious overall - looks like there are plenty of opportunities to show off.

Interestingly, though a good half of the areas on show were unfamiliar to me, a few of them were definitely present in 4, Tri, and I'm pretty sure I saw the original Monster Hunter village from G (and the one from 3 Portable). Perhaps Monster Hunter Cross is more than just a name.

It will be out in Japan this year. Predictably, there's no word of a Western release at this stage.


    Looks to be a highlights reel of the past, but built for the new (and further expanded) movement system.

    I'm ok with this kind of remaster!

    But I really would prefer to play these on the Wii u, as good as 4 is on the 3ds.

    Why the hell do they keep releasing Monster Hunter games on the 3DS?

    Release a new one on consoles dammit! And I mean a NEW one, not a HD rehash like MH3 Ultimate.

      It isn't worth doing console versions for Capcom, MH makes almost all of it's money in Japan and handheld is what works over there. It's why almost all of these types of games are handheld only, because the Japanese much prefer to play the games face to face, and actively do so. It is only in the west people want to play these games from their couch online (mostly because it's hard to find enough people to play in person). If it ever really took off in the west they might do a console version again but at the moment that is unlikely.

        They will never know if a console version would work unless they actually make one.

        The last one they did was Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii and that actually was very successful for them, so I don't see any reason why they can't do another big console exclusive title.

          They also did 3 ultimate for the Wii u. I think it did pretty well, even in spite of the install base.

            Yeah they did 3 ultimate (I mentioned that in a previous comment) but that was effectively a HD remake of MH Tri with a few new monsters, not actually a genuinely new game.

          They did well measured against the usual sales in the west, which aren't high to start with, didn't sell well at all in Japan.

      The same reason they released so many on PSP - that's where the Japanese like to play them I guess

    Why does the article have a "Playstation" tag on it on the front page if it was announced at Nintendo direct for the 3DS?

      Because MH Games would be so much nicer on a Playstation *jab jab* ;)

    Still have the fondest memories of playing MH/2 on PS2 online with the Japanese community. After that I just.. had.. no friends to play with :'( It really is a whole different experience with other players. Need to get me a 3DS.. and some pals~

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