All The Oculus Rift Games Announced Today

All The Oculus Rift Games Announced Today

Virtual reality device Oculus Rift is finally releasing early next year, and at their first ever E3 press conference, the company announced the initial slate of games.

The company released a brief teaser highlighting the early games:

The most noteworthy announcement came from Insomniac Games, who are producing an Oculus-exclusive game called Edge of Nowhere. It’s third-person, set in some kind of ice world, and has lots of ugly monsters chasing you around.

Gunfire Games showed off a dungeon crawler called Chronos.

CCP showed up with a new trailer for EVE: Valkyrie, though the new video is not online yet.

This first-person hockey game, part of a sports collection, looks pretty cool?

All The Oculus Rift Games Announced Today

Harmonix, High Voltage, Square Enix, Playful, Climax, Coatsink, Gunfire Games, CCP, Glu, Ozwe, and Carbon Games are among the developers who pledged to develop games for Oculus today.

We should have a full list of games soon, as the press conference just concluded.


  • Some fairly interesting games but nothing mind blowing and surprisingly little first person. I wonder what Sony will show at E3 for the Morpheus. If they really go for it they could easily blow these out of the water. Just showing VR No Mans Sky would be enough for some.

    • No need to be confused – 3rd Person games work remarkably well – great for the seated position and little to no motion sickness in all of the ones I have played.

      No need to shoehorn FPS or 1st Person into everything – there is room and an audience for all.

      • I’m curious to try it before I judge TPS in VR e.g. are you able to look around all the same? To me VR is that innate ability to look around like it’s you in the game world. How does that translate to TPS? Do you simply get locked into one view from behind the character?

        • Best way to picture it is an open world game in 3rd Person like Skyrim, GTA etc – currently you would rotate/look around with the right stick on your controller whilst the character remains facing forward. In VR you are looking around the world simply by moving your head not the right stick.
          Removes motion sickness as your brain doesn’t have the connection between a character moving while you are sitting still – but you get an amazing sense of being “in” the world just the same – everything is in 3D and all around you. The sense of scale is astounding in most games.

      • It would be great if they had a scene where a character acknowledges that they are being observed by someone like in Tomb Raider 2.

  • I’m sure there will be something more announced by Microsoft at E3, to combat what I assume Sony will show with morpheus.

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