An Extended Look At The Halo 5 Campaign

An Extended Look At The Halo 5 Campaign

Microsoft kicked off today's presser with some footage of Halo 5's story, and it looks like a blast.

An Extended Look At The Halo 5 Campaign

You'll control two squads: one by Master Chief, and one by Locke, the Spartan that is hunting down the chief. Both will let you experience drop in/drop out 4-player co-op.

Here is a short gameplay clip that shows off Halo 5's premise and dazzling visuals:

Microsoft debuted footage of a new mode, too: warzone.

Right now, it's not clear what warzone is about — the trailer describes it as "player versus everything," and then cuts to a whole bunch of red versus blue action. Mechs, vehicles, guns are all visible, but beyond that, it's hard to give specifics

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      What are you sighing about? Squad based action is the logical conclusion that Bungie was building up to this whole time, even though they never implemented it themselves.

      For someone who doesn't care for Halo, I sure can depend on you to comment on every single Halo article. Surely by now you're sick of reminding everyone that you don't like 343? Maybe Kotaku needs to put "Neo Kaiser doesn't like 343" in the header.

        Yes. For someone who's awfully critical of Halo, Kaiser certainly has an odd passion for commenting on Halo articles to voice pretentious statements. And he frequently expresses views that he believes all Halo fans embody. One's head cannot be further up their arse.

    As long as the campaign is not just some short training run for multiplayer I will be happy, Halo is about the story, MP is a bonus

    I miss the english speaking aliens. GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!

    I really hope the rumored PC version is a thing.

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