An Official Doctor Who Festival Is Coming To Australia. And It's Expensive.

The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will be in attendance — as will Executive Producer Steven Moffat. But man, this thing is expensive.

The festival will take place in the Royal Hall of Industries & the Hordern Pavilion on November 21 until November 22 this year. The prices are as follows:

DAY TICKET PRICES · General $195.00 · TARDIS $365.00 · Concession General $99.00 · Concession TARDIS $265.00

The festival follows the success of a similar event in London, and will be made up of typical Convention fare: Q&As with talent from the show and photo and autograph opportunities — which you'll probably have to pay more for. This part sounds pretty interesting: a series of workshops with the Doctor Who team that go behind the scenes of how the show is produced.

But still pretty pricey.

Fans and New Zealand will also have their own event, not a fully fledged festival, but an event the BBC are calling an 'intimate evening' with Peter Capaldi. Sounds... sexy.

You can find out more here


    Holy cripes that is insane. If it came with like... a personalized autograph or something then I could see it being reasonable but my GOD...

    Glad I'm not a Doctor Who fan.

    Yeah wow that's pretty steep and my budget for the latter half of this year has already been eaten up by E3 so nope.

    They'll make a killing. They know people will pay it so they can charge it. I know a couple who are already talking about going.

    It's because Doctor Who is a 50 year franchise that has lifelong nostalgia value for folks now in the prime of their career, and for whom money is not much of an object. Hope they feel it's worth it!

    I wouldn't mind meeting Peter Capaldi, but I'd want him to sign my Thick Of It DVDs, nothing to do with Doctor Who :P

    This seems to be the company that's running it:

      Really? At those prices I could have sworn it was Hub Productions ripping the Australian people off once again.

    I'd rather go to a Supanova and meet an old Doctor for a fraction of that price. O.o

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    How can they justify the $100 price difference between regular and concession? I get that concession deserve benefits, but that's a ridiculous jump in price.

    Last year there was a Doctor Who event with Matt Smith, Karen Gillian and others The base ticket price was around the $300 amount. For photo's and autograph's they were asking well over $1000. The event fell through but I was unwilling to pay those kind of prices.


    No... seriously - what's the ACTUAL price?

    If it wasn't interstate my girlfriend and I would totally go. Considering we're usually not even lucky enough to get a second rate companion, this would be awesome.

    Noone will buy tickets due to prices
    They will say Australia hates Doctor Who and say it was a failure
    Won't bring it back due to not enough interest

    Lower the prices and I think more people can go as they wont need to take our a loan just to get there.

      People will pay, and that's the problem.
      It's why all the conventions in Australia are priced the way they are. Companies have the mindset of "these people are starving to meet these Celebs and will pay any price to do so" and cashed up convention goers happily pay it, thus the cycle gets worse for those of us on a budget.

    Straya Tax for "just because"?

    But seriously, with those prices I don't think people will be coming out in droves to the DW Festival other than the truest diehard fans.

      Nope, they'll pay. It'll be a sell out and the event will return again with at least a 25% mark up from these prices.

      Supanova, in the beginning, was $20 entry, and the highest you'd pay for a photograph/autograph combo was $60 combined. Nowadays, $40 minimum entry, many higher 'premium' tiers, and $50 for an autograph/$60 for a photograph (or higher in some cases. Nathan Fillion was $100 for an autograph, $110 for a photograph).

    Meanwhile, I'll be going to PAX for 3 days, for 50 bucks less than their single day admission, with a ton of free panels, signings, events, activities an stuff, instead of what I'm expecting from other similar cons, is a giant merchandise sale, charging for everything.

    New thought:

    High pricing is actually a deliberate deterrant, an insurance policy against large crowds so that the attendees are almost guaranteed a smaller, more personal, intimate event, and the potential to spend a few minutes chatting with Capaldi (rather than the typical Supanova/OCC ten seconds in-and-out).

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    What I would prefer to see in Straya, is a crew with them so they could make an ep HERE!
    50 years since we started watching the British show, and while he's filmed a bunch in the US, Canada, NZ & straya gets nuffin!
    I reckon most fans would prefer a local ep before Peter Jackson does one in Middle Earth (NZ)

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