Angela Bassett Will Star In Rainbow Six Siege

Video: Ubisoft has revealed actress Angela Bassett will star in Rainbow Six Siege, and they have unveiled the unsettling villains known as the White Masks. There will be a beta on September 24.

That's how you bring gravitas to your video game.


    I just hope they have a story to show why Angela Basset took over from Ding Chavez....and not just ignore it completely

      When was Ding Chavez the head of Rainbow?

      I remember him being a shooter.
      Admittedly, the last Rainbow Six game I played was Rouge Spear.

        Yea, Ding was head of team2 in the original book, and team 1 in the games. According to the timeline, Clark retires just before Rainbow 6: Vegas. I first realised when I played Vegas and Ding comes up on the intercom during the cinematics and they refer to him as the boss.

        I don't mind a female boss, but I just wonder whether an international organisation made up of people from various agencies is going to listen to a Lady that looks like she walked out of Congress...If anything I would have expected a head from the UK, since they're supposed to still be based in the SAS base in Hereford. (unless Ubisoft decided to forget THAT as well...)

    Did they announce a campaign/story mode?

    Last I heard this was multiplayer only.

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