Animal Crossing Board Game Is Coming To The Wii U

Animal Crossing Board Game Is Coming To The Wii U

Think Mario Party, but with Animal Crossing characters. So, it's way, way cuter.

There will be Amiibo for it, of course:

And here's the full demo shown off this morning:

Animal Crossing Board Game Is Coming To The Wii U



    Hopefully a full AC game is coming.

      I wish too, but I think they are just doing, Animal crossing, Happy Home Designer game.

    Now give me ONLINE. That's the only reason I didn't buy Mario Party 10.

    The fine print from the video "One Amiibo is required PER player. Up to four players. Sold separately".

    Assuming the bundle that is showing on EB's website that comes with two amiibo's isn't just a limited edition or something. That's still $99 + 2 x $17.95 if you want some four player fun. Kinda steep imo.

    I love Animal Crossing so much, but no thanks. Wish Nintendo wasn't pushing this amiibo thing so hard.

    Last edited 17/06/15 4:35 pm

      Daaaaamn. They were pretty clear at the start about being optional extras rather than content gates. No way they can justify much of a price on this game.

      You mean $69 starting price? I have never paid more than that for a Wii U game except for $79 for some bundles.

      Is the game going to be half the price or free to allow for the cost of the Amiibo, or will any Amiibo work?

        I dunno if any amiibo works, i'd be guessing not, probably like splatoon can only accept inkling amiibos. No other sites have the game listed yet, but id say there'll be a stand alone version, but if it only works with Animal crossing amiibo or amiibo cards you'll still be up for extra $$

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