Anno 2205 Is Off Into Deep Space

Video: The latest in Ubisoft's long-running building/trading series, Anno, is off into deep space. It's called Anno 2205. Here are a couple of trailers.


    I like the anno games but unless you keep pausing the game every 2 minets to work out new trading loops the AI always outplays you massivly.

    I skipped the last one because of how severe the uplay infestation was.

      Yeah it was pretty shit to deal with. I decided to try playing the game again a while ago and was hit with uplay updates then game updates... why does this crap happen when I have it installed through Steam? Steam does pretty well at keeping other games up to date.

        Its crazy the contempt Ubi has for its customers, Its such a shame too because I loved 1404, 1701 and 1602.

    I pirated the game. Really enjoyed it. Purchased it on a steam sale. UPLAY made it unplayable.
    Sucks that the pirated version of the game was better than the legit version.

    Watch Dogs. Never Forget.

    Will never trust Ubisoft again.

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