Another Look At Pikachu's Bones

Another Look at Pikachu's Bones

Once again, let's have a peek inside everybody's favourite electric rodent.

If you've been on the internet in the last, say, decade, you've probably seen the illustration below:

Another Look at Pikachu's Bones

[via Jeremy Riad [Art by Michael Paulus]] It was done by the artist Michael Paulus. He did a whole series of these skeletal drawings and sells prints of them on his Etsy store. It's always been one the of the best, if not the best, representations of Pikachu's bone structure.

This week, Professor Takashi Oda of Seian University of Art and Design in Japan did a Pikachu skeleton sketch at the request of his students. He's published several books of dinosaur bone structure illustrations and is known for accurately depicting the innards of humans and other creatures.

Another Look at Pikachu's Bones

[Photo: studiocorvo]

Oda said this sketch took him about ten minutes. The image has been retweeted nearly 8,000 times. I always wonder if Game Freak thought about Pikachu's bone structure and designed the character simply based on cute forms and shapes.

If you like Oda's art, check out his Twitter page for more cool drawings and sketches.

Top image via Game Freaks


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