Assetto Corsa Will Come To Xbox One And PS4 In 2016

Video: Assetto Corsa, a very serious PC driving game, is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 in 2016.


    A title, one sentence and a video, wow, awesome reporting this

      A video is worth a thousand words per frame.

    Miles ahead of Project Cars as a sim.

      Yet to see how well it will work on consoles though.

        True, it'll probably be gimped, beautiful on PC though..

    Luke, even if there is no information on the release other than the video, how about a writeup of what Assetto Corsa is, where it fits in the racing genre, the level of graphics and available cars/tracks/etc for the uninitiated?

      Or you know, do some actual journalism, go the extra step and try seek that information to report on..
      But this is the infamous Luke Plunkett - who quite clearly struggles to put in any effort

    Looks like Project CARS has some competition. Although, I've got the feeling that just like Project CARS it will be best played on PC.

    Fair dinkum... now that Assetto Corsa is coming to consoles you FINALLY report on it. I've only been asking for some coverage of this awesome sim for about 6 months. But no, it's all been about PCars...

    Seriously, you wonder why people question your journalism...

    You know the one thing that jarred me out of realism?

    Check the solar flares in each shot, 6 sided stars as the sun reflected on each car, dancing all over each of them on different angles etc.

    Even the sun at one point look the same.

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