Bad, Steampunk Shooter. Bad!

Bad, Steampunk Shooter. Bad!

This bullet point comes from newly released steampunk FPS Avenging Angel. The game looks alright, but oh god the pun hurts. It hurrrrrrrts.

Here's a trailer of Avenging Angel:

It looks, um, functional enough. Might be worth checking out! But the pun. I just... I feel like I need to roll up a newspaper and hit somebody with it. I'm all alone, so maybe I will do it to myself. Hopefully someone, somewhere will learn from my noble sacrifice.


    what's the pun? is it that it's on steam and it's a steampunk game?

      The Goggle / Google Glass pun. Took me a while to figure it out since I was misreading it as Google.

        I didn't even spot that it said goggle instead of google until reading your comment.

      I think... "Goggle Glass" is like Google Glass.
      Not that bad, jeez

    Things are pretty primitive 10,000 years from now hey.

    If Mr. Greyson doesn't mind, we are going to do a couple of "Bad, Steampunkshooter. Bad!" -shirts.

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