Basketball Injury Takes Out Top League Of Legends Player

Basketball Injury Takes Out Top League Of Legends Player

Oh, the irony. Professional League of Legends player Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has been sidelined from his position on the North American team Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) due to an IRL sports injury. Peng gashed his pinky finger playing basketball recently, deep enough that he needed to get stitches.

DoubleLift told The Daily Dot that he’s hoping to recover and get back into the game in a week or two. The injury came at a bad time for his team, though, since they’re currently competing in the summer portion of the League Championship Series (LCS), which culminates in an North American finals match in August.

CLG hasn’t officially said who will fill in for Peng, but Riot’s League of Legends eSports site already updated its fantasy roster for the team — swapping DoubleLift out for his teammate Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes. Some CLG fans and followers are expecting (or hoping) that the team will put its other substitute player “Hi Im Gosu” in instead, however.

Peng has a reputation in the eSports scene for being a brash and arrogant League player, so some of his critics couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw a jab or two:

Stay safe out there, real-world sports players.