Bethesda Accidentally Announces Dishonored 2 

Bethesda Accidentally Announces Dishonored 2

An accidental open mic broadcasting live to Bethesda's Twitch stream picked up a discussion about Dishonored 2 being presented during the company's E3 press conference. Ooops.


    Why don't you credit the person who broke it? A YouTuber Matty Schroeder aka mrmattyplays broke the story first, so credit him.

      I can't speak for certain, I didn't watch it, but maybe more than one person watched the livestream?

      And again, I didn't watch it, but maybe a games journalist whose job it is to report on something Bethesda may mention during a livestream... may have been one of the people who watched it.

    I have the sneaking suspicion that Bethesda just spoiled the very end of their own E3 conference.

    Sweet! Awesome game, with the stabbing, and the teleporting :)

    now they need to spill the beans that they are making the half-life 3, portal 3, fallout 5 hybrid the world doesn't know they want

    Here's the audio

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    Oh yeah! I love this game, they built an amazing world. I still tell people to "blow off, choffer" when people annoy me.

    I really should give the first one a go. Got it off PS+ a while back but don't really play the PS3 these days.

    First ryu & roy were "accidentally announced", now dishonoured 2, wow, cool 9am to 9pm 12 hours we have had

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