Blizzard To Reclaim World of Warcraft Character Names From Old Accounts

World of Warcraft has enjoyed rampant success over the last decade and if you didn't get in at the ground level, you might have had trouble getting the perfect character name. Well, if you're still playing, you could soon have the opportunity to secure the much sought after title of "Legolas"... or any other popular name for that matter.

Come patch 6.2 on 23 June, Blizzard will be performing a "name reclamation". Basically, if you haven't logged into the game with a character since 7 December, 2010, that character's name will be released for use by the general population.

If you'd like to make sure a character's name stays where it is, you'll have to log in with the character before the patch arrives.

The post goes on to mention that more name reclamations will occur in the future, with the current plan to time them with new expansions.

It's a safe beat that if you haven't played the game in five years, it's unlikely you'll be rocking up any time soon. Still, if you do have a name you'd rather hold onto, you'll have to once again venture into the lands of Azeroth... even if it's just for a minute.

Release the Names! Character Name Reclamation Coming [World of Warcraft]

Image: Blizzard


    that good, they did this last year as well iirc

      So there's a chance Tqxipstyiiqxx is going to be available soon?

    .......fuck. i'm gonna have to reinstall.

    in saying that though, if there's a name you want and it says it's taken but doesn't exist on the armory, send a ticket to a GM, they'll force name change the other player since it's an inactive account.

      Not necessarily inactive. If it's an alt under level 10 on an active account it won't show in the armoury but they won't be able to release the name for you either.

        There's a few factors at play. What I do know is that you can submit a ticket to get a name released and depending on things they won't necessarily tell you, they WILL release it. I've done it.

      thanks for the tip I didn't know they would handle tickets for that :)

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