Busted PS4 Version Of Ultra Street Fighter IV Dumped From Evo 2015

Busted PS4 Version Of Ultra Street Fighter IV Dumped From Evo 2015

Ultra Street Fighter IV is kinda janky on PlayStation 4. Which was making competitors nervous ahead of this year's big EVO fighting game tournament, so instead of taking their chances with Sony's promised fixes, organisers are taking a safer route with the game's appearance, deciding instead to switch the platform it's appearing on.

As SRK reports, Evo's Joey Cuellar announced earlier today that the tournament's USFIV matches are being switched to the Xbox 360:

Not an ideal situation for Sony, then, but tournament play is no place for busted video games. You'd imagine most competitors will be 100% cool with the move anyway, since the Xbox 360 (whose version of the same game was released 12 months ago) has been something of a standard in the scene for years now anyway.


    Anyone who thinks that Capcom wasn't fully aware of how buggy the game was before deciding to release it anyway is hopelessly naive. Serves Capcom right. Sony as well for certifying it. What a joke...

      I've been playing it since release. Haven't noticed any issues at all.

        I'm the same, I haven't noticed anything wrong with the game at all, unless you count a completely absent online community (as I always expect from playstation)

          They'll come. A lot of the hardcore are waiting for it to be patched. Plus a lot prb don't even own ps4s. When they come, I'm expecting to win a lot less...

      Fun fact, it was Sony that funded the port, capcom had barely any input, it was a third party western developer called other ocean that made the port.

        That's incredible. If I were Capcom I'd at least want to do some QC before one of my star franchises was released to the public.

          oh yeah, capcom's still to blame a bit, but it's also amazing how sony let this slip through as well, especially since they wanted it to be used at Evo to push Street Fighter V as well.

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