Celebrate 15 Years Of Diablo II With The First Five Minutes

Can you believe it's already been a decade and a half since the release of Blizzard's second instalment of Diablo? I sure can.

It certainly looks like a 15 year old game, not that looks matter for much around these parts. It may have lost a little of its lustre in the face of today's more rainbow-packed anti-evil action role-playing games, but Diablo II still has it where it counts — the Amazon. Even at 800x600 upscaled to 1920x1080, she's still the best.

On a side note, how much fun is getting a PC game from 2000 to run on a modern system rocking Windows 8.1? So much fun. I had to do something with Glide. I had to look up Glide on Wikipedia because I am old and forget things.

So happy birthday, Diablo II. Thanks for making me feel old. Look, you may be 15, but I'm 42 and still capable of kicking your skinny arse, if I can just find the Den of Evil.


    Aaahhh, the memories...

    I must get on to D3 at some point.

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    To this day, Diablo 2 is still in my top 3 favourite games of all time. That atmosphere and art style is a thing of beauty.

    Am i the only one who loved the first diablo but didn't really get in to the second one? I spent so many hours on the first one, first game i used editors and trainers to give myself crazy items

      I felt the same way Stan...2 lacked a certain something. Maybe it was because 1 was new and exciting

    The cow level! Need i say more :D

    Are we ever going to get leo wichtowski back?

    Those first 2 minutes were agony.


    Just open the minimap.

    [Not having auto run on].... *Rolls eyes*

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