Chibi-Robo! Returns, Bringing An Adorable Amiibo With Him

Chibi-Robo! Returns, Bringing An Adorable Amiibo With Him

This morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct revealed a new side-scrolling platformer Chibi-Robo! game, along with a super-empowering Amiibo companion.

Guru-Guru! Chibi-Robo! (I’m guessing that’s Go-Go Chibi-Robo!) looks like it takes everyone’s favourite helper robot and transforms him into a more practical sort of Bionic Commando, using his plug and cord as a grappling hook, as you do. Rather than wandering about a 3D world being friendly, he’ll be doing things like…well, just watch the trailer.

The Chibi-Robo! Amiibo, due out this fall alongside the 3DS game, will cause Chibi to briefly go Super Saiyan, or Super Sonic, depending on your comparison preference.

It’s not the sort of Chibi-Robo! we’re used to, but I’m always up for a new platforming hero, especially an old one.

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