Community Review: Splatoon

Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s biggest experiments in years: it represents a moment where Nintendo sort of almost actually paid attention to what the rest of the world had been doing for the last decade or two, then decided to put their own stamp on it.

I think that’s a great thing.

And I like it. A lot. I like it I think, because I also love Mario Sunshine, which operated on a similar basis: spraying walls and floors with something that then has an impact on your ability to move through that environment is rewarding as all hell. Place that concept into a competitive third-person shooter and you have a recipe for glorious chaos.

Another thing I love about Splatoon: the character designs. It manages to feel gloriously current whilst still retaining its Nintendo-ness: that in itself is quite the oxymoron, but Nintendo really has managed to craft a quirky middle-ground between the cutting-edge and the traditional.

That filters through to the mechanics themselves, which are essentially a neat twist on the type of games we’ve been playing for years. That’s what Splatoon is in a single phrase: a neat twist.

How are you finding Splatoon so far? Let us know in the comments.

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