Counter-Strike's Most Important Map, Recreated In Dying Light

Counter-Strike's Most Important Map, Recreated In Dying Light

Dust2 is the undisputed king of Counter-Strike maps. But as my colleague Nathan Grayson reported back in April, the very awesomeness of the level that's made it such a classic has also posed a risk of making the shooter feel stale. What better way to liven things up than with the living dead?

YouTuber SlenderDan published a video (via Reddit) showing him traipsing through dust2 recently, the twist being that it was dust2 as created as a custom level for 2015's surpisingly excellent zombie game Dying Light:

Counter-Strike fans will feel totally at home in the new Dying Light map...except for those times when you have to take a sword to enemy soldiers I guess:

Counter-Strike's Most Important Map, Recreated In Dying Light

...but only if you wanna be really technical about things.

These are exactly the kinds of fan creations I was hoping to see in Dying Light as the game has continued to evolve post-release. Since developer Techland has spoken about wanting to support the game well into the future thanks to the game's success, I'm hoping that players will keep sticking around to make more cool stuff as well.


    I hate dust 2 with a passion, it's the most overated fan boy map in the whole game.

    Bloody Hell!! How to watch a video with the guy moving the camera like a Pigeon with parkinson syndrome.

    I was blown away when I heard him say he had never played counter-strike, but when he didn't pick up on the Gordan Freeman reference at the start, I closed the video straight away.

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