Crossy Road Studio Offers Prettygreat Support

Crossy Road Studio Offers Prettygreat Support

Hipster Whale knows a pretty great game when it sees one. With over 90 million downloads in six months, Crossy Road came, conquered, and became the Lord of all it surveyed. We are but its humble servants. Now, Hipster Whale is paying it forward with a $500,000 investment in fellow local startup Prettygreat Games.

Announced yesterday on the Prettygreat website, the studio’s first round of funding is closed, and it’s great to see local success feeding future local success.

Not that it’s much of a gamble — Prettygreat consists of three Halfbrick veterans including Luke Muscat, the design lead on Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Safe to say, they’ll have a Prettygreat way of doing things. (I’m not going to get tired of this)

From Left: Luke Muscat, Phil Larsen, Hugh Walters

On top of that, Touch Arcade is reporting that Hipster Whale’s Andy Sum and Matt Hall will be acting as advisers, for some Prettygreat collaboration. (I wasn’t joking)

We won’t have to wait too long for its first game, which it claims will be out in 2015. With luck, smart design, and the will of the mobile marketplace gods, Prettygreat will have captured lightning in a bottle long before that $500,000 runs out.


  • Really admire the indie scene Melbourne is building. *ponders nostalgically on a time when Brisbane was the place to be for game development*

    Edit: Oh man, I see these guys are Brisbane based? I’m an idiot! 😛

  • I went to a panel the lead designer was invited to, he came off as a snob. He also didn’t see it was a problem to add a flea (pixel) as a microtransaction that sold well.

    • Considering Frogger came out in 1981.

      I’m sure they thought of the concept before it was cool….. 34 years ago.

  • The guys that made Checkpoint Champion had also left Halfbrick. Good to see these new developers springing up. Especially in Brisbane! (my hometown) Maybe we will end up as the ‘Smart State’ after all….

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