Dark Souls 3 Display At E3 Is Amazing, Disgusting

Dark Souls 3 Display At E3 Is Amazing, Disgusting

I mean, it's true, you die a lot in Dark Souls.

People are beginning to walk the floor of E3, which means they're coming across the elaborate displays created for the games at the show, too. Here's what Namco Bandai put together for the final chapter in the Dark Souls series:

If I owned a house, I'd be half tempted to put that in my backyard.


    They showed this during the Xbox conference didnt they?

    Final chapter is a big claim. Did they say this specifically?

    I'd be glad if they did. I love the games and the way the worlds are tied together with lore and similar locations, but the underlying idea that linking the fire or walking away will bring about an age that cannot last forever, thus providing the opportunity to repeat the events of linking the fire again... simply means this cash cow can be squeezed to death.

    I really hope this is the third and final time we explore the dark souls world. The genre is fantastic. I surely wouldn't mind a new IP and world to go with it though.


        Yes! I'm lucky enough to own both current gen consoles, unlucky enough to be overseas with only my xbox one in gaems case with 18" built in monitor (first world problems).

        It's a real shame that the Bloodborne IP is nestled firmly in Sony's lap :(
        Both PC and XBOX One owners are missing out.

        Mind you I have a shrinkwrapped copy waiting for me at home, only a few more months until I peel it open.

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