Dark Souls 3 Isn’t The Last Game, Devs Say

Dark Souls 3 Isn’t The Last Game, Devs Say

When Bandai Namco announced Dark Souls 3, it called the sequel the “final episode”, suggesting Dark Souls was coming to an end. At E3, however, the developers said it wasn’t true.

Though Dark Souls 3 isn’t coming until early 2016, a brief gameplay snippet was shown to press at E3. Additionally, series creator Hidetaki Miyazaki participated in a roundtable interview, where he was quickly asked about the “final episode” tag and the possible end of Dark Souls.

“First of all, this is not the final product for the Dark Souls series,” said Miyazaki to Eurogamer and Videogamer. “However, I believe it’s the turning point for the Dark Souls series.”

Dark Souls 3 was apparently the last game From Software started development on before Miyazaki became studio president in 2014.

“So it’s a turning point,” he said. “It will be a turning point, but it’s not final.”

He was coy about what the future holds, but pointed towards the other settings and genres From Software has worked on in the past. In recent years, they have only been known for Souls games and, most recently, Bloodborne, which is basically a Souls game.

It makes sense From Software doesn’t want to give up its popular series. That said, there have now been three games in not-so-many years (Dark Souls released in 2011) with similar mechanics and aesthetics. After bringing the story to a conclusion in Dark Souls 3, it might be a good time for a refresh, even if that means bringing the Dark Souls name along for the ride.


  • GTA V Expansion starring Knight Solaire, the Scottish guy with the big blue sword and Patches the Hyena.

  • Guitar Hero: Dark Souls.
    Comes with a special sword controller with no buttons – notes are achieved by physically hitting something with it.

    • Souls Kart featuring a collection of the most heartbreaking, doomed characters from your favourite From games including Tenchu, Armoured Core & King’s Field.

      They all get in karts to see who can meet their tragic in in the most depressing way first!

    • They already did that. It was just the same darksouls 2 with updated guitar hero controller amd new enemy placements.

  • Since From Software published Tenchu Z I’d love to see them start exploring something like that and adding some of what they learned with the Souls series. Personally speaking, Bloodborne showed me I was done with Souls games and that I want something fresh.

  • Nah, Dark Souls x Tetris

    The line piece never comes until you give up and block the space you’ve saved up for it (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Alw5hs0chj0)

  • Super keen to see the mechanics slowly evolving & the setting drastically change.

    Science Fantasy in deep space or a parallel contemporary setting.
    Or even medieval but a different culture, what culture would From know more about though *scratches chin*

  • There’s 2 fucking games in the series, what’s with all the fedoras saying it better be the last one? Its just started

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